Friday, July 5, 2013

Talkshow with Hijabers Community Serang

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

You know what I love from my job now? I can meet new people, have new friends and share my experience that hopefully useful for others, alhamdulillah. Plus! I can always get close to my family as much as I want. That is the best thing! Alhamdulillah.. Can't stop thanking Allah SWT for giving me this opportunity..

Well anyway, another event that i got invited was a talkshow held by Hijabers Community Serang held at IAIN Serang. Actually it was a sudden call from the committee, to ask me as one their speaker for talkshow. The event was held on July 3rd, and they called me 2 days before. Wow.. Alhamdulillah I was available and can be part of this event. The event was great, the audience was sooooooooooo cool.. full of laugh, interaction, friendly, love the vibe, like sooo much! Thanks Hijabers Comm Serang for having me, it was awesome.. Nice meeting you all..

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  1. Asalmualikum,,,
    cari busana muslim santun dan modis,kunjungi yu di disini juga berbagai mengenai berbagai informasi dunia fashion dan lain.nya,,,
    Terimaksih,,,, :)