Thursday, April 4, 2013

Its Been a While

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Wow.. What a record.. Record for being lazy updating my blog.. Huhu.. So sad.. Who to blame? Instagrammm.. Hahaha.. Naahh, just kidding.. The one to blame is no other but myself.. Been busy with so many things especially houseworks.. Plus, Kenza is start to eat now, yeaayy.. I will post a story about 6 months of breastfeeding, inshaAllah.. Now I enjoying my role as a mom.. Full time mom! Kinda Mom that a child see first when he woke up, kinda Mom who stops a child cries when he sees me, kinda Mom who texting the maid about what to cook while breastfeeding, kinda Mom who rushing to the kitchen to cook after Kenza is sleeping.. Super fun! I never thought that being a housewife can be this busy and occupied.. Alhamdulillah..

But being a full time Mom doesn't mean that I don't have time for myself.. Time to relax or do shopping! Of course I have.. But now, almost anywhere I go.. My husband and Kenza always come along.. We always stick together, remember? Hahaha..

Okay, that's an update from me.. Later I'll post again okay.. Bye!