Monday, January 14, 2013

My Other Half

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

This is a midnight post, when my hubby and son have already slept so tight.. Seeing my son's face while he was sleeping always amazed me.. Always makes me grateful and thankful to Allah for sending me this magical cute creature in my life.. Subhanallah.. Alhamdulillah..

Being married is a compromising situation and having child is another story.. I've felt it already, how marriage can change my life and having a child change it even more.. There's a lot to sacrifice, but much much more to gain and get.. I always believe that marriage has open the door of rizqi for me and my husband, and having Kenza makes that door open wider and wider.. Subhanallah.. There is a will, there is always a way.. Allah will give His best gift to those who have faith and believe..

Have a child upgrades me and my husband's relationship.. We learn how to manage our temper everytime we argue about something, we manage how to create positive energy around Kenza, how we work as a solid team, etc etc.. Its fun though.. Since sometimes or most of the time we should put our ego aside for the sake of Kenza's development, and we don't feel bother at all..

Even though there are so many moments that me and hubby lost with our friends, such as karaoke-ing, hangout, futsal, nailspa, spa, lalala.. But Allah switch them with many things that more and more beautiful.. We watch Kenza's first laugh, rolling, baby's word and speech, subhanallah.. They are more beautiful and fun than anything else.. Best thing being a mom is when your child feel so safe in your arm and hug.. When he stop crying everytime we carry him.. When he look at you with sincere smile.. And when he hold your hand for the first time..

Apap and Kenza, they both complete me.. Complete my life now.. They are my other half.. My soul.. My reason for breathing..


  1. Insya Allah akan menjadi lelaki yang ganteng nih gedenya. :) Smg jadi anak soleh dan berakhlak mulia ya nak.... Lucu sekali dirimu.

  2. mirip Suci banget si Kenza.. matanya bulet.. hihi unyuk! :3

  3. Hhihi kecil-kecil udah ganteng.
    Sukses selalu kak Suci.

  4. senengnya udah jd ibu... jd ngiri nich, mdh"an Allah jg ksh aku kprcayaan buat jd ibu... Amin...

    btw dede kenzanya ganteng ka... dan kel kecilmu jadi inspirasiku...

  5. Huaaaaaaa,... ade kenzaaa ganteng bangetttttttt #Subhanallah,.... matanya itu lochhhhh luthuuuu bangettttt siiiiii....

    cium dr jauh ajaaa deh,....
    sukses selalu buat keluarga kecil ka suciii,...

  6. lucu banget... mata nya itu lho... G=bikin gemesh aja....

  7. semoga menjadi keluarga yang selalu dalam lindungan alloh , amin