Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Anniversary HijabeeSBY

Asssalamualaikum Beautiful,

Its probably a very late post, but better late than never, right? Yup, I was invited to the HijabeeSBY 1st anniversary. It was an honor for me to participated in that event as a guest speaker. It was my first time went to Surabaya as well. I was so excited to went to Surabaya.

Dulu ngiranya, Surabaya tuh kota yang panas.. terik.. macet.. chaosnya juga gak beda jauh sama di Jakarta. Hmm.. we'll see.. I took off from Soetta airport with hubby and Mom (iya lengkap ya pengawalnya, since I already 31 weeks pregnant) on August 3rd. I wasn't really panic or worried about travelling using airplane during my pregnancy. Since I was so enjoy and happy that time, I'm sure that my baby will be happy too! and yup, we flew from Jakarta to Surabaya. The journey was about 1 hour. Alhamdulillah we landed safely at Juanda airport Surabaya.

Sesampainya di airport, kami dijemput dan disambut dengan hangat oleh Puput, sang ketua panitia acara 1st anniversary ini. She is sooo sweet and friendly. Seneng bgt deh.. And theeenn.. I was wrong about Surabaya, ternyata Surabaya kotanya enak bgtttt.. ya terik sih.. tapi gak macet (waktu aku sampe sana ya), and what attracted me the most was.. The sky is blue-er than Jakarta's sky! seneng bgt bisa liat langit biruu kaya gtu..

Selama di Surabaya juga kami diajak jalan-jalan sama komite HijabeeSBY yang baik-baik banget.. Cinthya and Brit. They took us for culinary experience! it was really a culinary experience for us. The brought us to a place where almost all Surabaya's food are there and we tried one by one. Apparently, Surabaya's food are awesome and tasty.. We also tasted Sate Kelopo, ini nih yang paling bikin merem melek karena enaknya.. Enak bangeettttt! aaahhh.. Surabaya, I promise I will be back.. I'll take Junior with me.. Kota yang menyenangkan, begitu juga orang-orangnya.. sangat berkesan.. Thank you very much HijabeeSBY for having me.. see you soon yaa..

And this is the picture from the event, so sorry for the quality of the pic.. since almost all of them was taken by phone camera. But the event was so cool and success! alhamdulillah.. great decoration, solid committee (and they were really funny too).. Sukses terus yaaa HijabeeSBY!

first row audience, my beloved husband

with the committee


  1. huhu...sayang deh gak bisa dateng..hubby lg di luar kota so ga ada yg nganterin... :(

  2. Cantik semuanya mbak suchi, gag liat pas mbak suchi tampil, huhuhu :D

  3. Terima Kasih atas kedatangannya Teteehh.... Kapan2 datang lagi skalian bawa Juniornya yaa....

    Salam :)