Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arisan Blogger Married: PART IV

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Finally we meet up again, this is our monthly arisan as usual. But this arisan is quite special since Ola has return!! yeaayyy.. She's already recover after gave birth to a very handsome baby named Khalifa Ali Fadly, we call him baby Kal, and Ghaida bring Nifa (her 1,5 yo daughter) along. It was a fun, lots of laugh day.

And you know who is the winner of this 4th round of arisan? It was Ola!! weeeww.. ahahaha.. what a perfect timing.. Since Mothercare held an up to 70% discount event, so she can buy "oleh-oleh" for the little one.. hihihi.. Lucky her.. and of course lucky baby Kal.. :)

The dresscode for our meeting that day was PINK! no further definition of what kind of pink should we wear.. so we ended up by wearing all different shades of pink. Obviously, since I love shocking color so I choose shocking pink, and the other such as Fika, Nadya, Siti like more light shades so they choose baby pink or dusty pink. Well it was a pinky pinky day.. hehehe.. And sorry that I don't have many picture from our meeting that day..

Shades of pink!

Jumpsuit: by Ria Miranda (Available at Muse 101 FX Plaza F3)
Outer: by Nabilia (Available at Muse 101 FX Plaza F3)
Inner Ninja: Such! by Suchi Utami (shocking pink)

Scarf by: Amelle Scarf
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AmelleByAmelia
Twitter: @amellescarf


  1. Lagi Pregnant ,,,, Uchi tambah Cantiiiik !!!!

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