Monday, January 9, 2012

Teman Sebaya

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Its good to know that finally we have someone or some people which have a lot of things in common, to talk to. And those people usually called as friends. Friends, with more common things to us, those whom we share deeper personal things, those whom we asked for opinions so often, may we called as best friends. Me and my friends here, have so many things in common, happiness, sadness, madness, hehehe.. Please kindly meet them.. :)

Front (ri-le): Fitri, Me, Romiy, Kara
Back (ri-le): Nadya, Ola, Fika, Siti


Kami sebaya....... 


  1. Huaaaa.. Have lots of friends are amazing;D pasti menyenangkan sekali ya kaak;p

  2. trnyata hijabers ga monoton y,,buktinya dalam motif macan aj tetep keren..nice!!

  3. amazing style love your blog !

    xx shay