Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eyebrow Tips

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

I'd like to share a tips about how to draw your eyebrow, well actually its more about how I draw my eyebrow, anyway.. before that, here's the video that I made earlier.. Enjoy..

Step by step:
  1. Shape your eyebrow line using eyebrow pencil. Make sure the pencil is sharp enough, unless the line won't be neat. 
  2. After shape the line, fill the shape with the pencil until its full. Don't over the line okay, just imagine as if it is a coloring class back when your in school.. hehe..
  3. After your eyebrow is well-shaped and colored, to make them more realistic and natural.. Wipe the tip of your inner eyebrow by using finger until its slowly faded and still natural. Remember, apply on both eyebrow and make them even to one another. 
  4. Me personally, love black and bold eyebrow.. Therefore, I usually apply black eyeliner (LYRA) thinly to darken my eyebrow. 
  5. Finish! yeayyy.. 


  1. Hellow there...
    You look a lot like a girl from kyle xy, lori trager:)
    It's nice stopping by here...

  2. Hi sist,

    Aq liat foto kamu diblog ini :

    Td aq mo beli di web kamu, tp berhub diweb link tersebut ada foto kamu, dan aq pikir produknya mmg label kamu. Aq prefer beli si link ini. Scara hemat ongkir :)

    Tp sebelumnya mo pastiin aja apa mmg yg dijual dilink itu mmg betul produk kamu?