Monday, December 12, 2011

My Graduation Day

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

I had my graduation ceremony on Dec, 8th.. It was in Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place Jakarta.. A day that I've been waiting for since 2 years ago.. The ending of my master degree study but the beginning of me with this title.. Well, just like my bachelor graduation ceremony.. We didn't take too many pictures, and I don't know why.. My hubby and dad bring their pocket cameras.. But when I got home and check their cameras, I only found 2-3 photos in each camera.. Zzzz.. Well, maybe we're overwhelmed by the joyous and solemn ceremony..

And with this post, which hopefully everlasting post.. First of all, I'd like to thank Allah SWT for all of the undescribed blessings You've given me..I'd like to thank my parents who have been so supportive and patient in encouraging me to finish my study without pushing me too hard (even at all), thanks to my beloved husband who always be there for me as my strongest power system to keep me on track and inspired, thanks to my parents-in-law for the support and love, my sisters and brothers for always asking how far had I go with my thesis, last but not least.. thanks to Mira.. my dearest friend who have pushed the button of my spirit and switch it from OFF to ON MODE.. Thanks all.. I won't go this far without you..

And yes, I want to share pictures.. But excuse the bad quality okay..

My make up..

Its quite simple, just like my other make up that I usually done.. I only add fake lashes to make my eyes even more pop.. And I wear fuchsia lipstick from YSL.. 

 What I wear...

Kebaya and Toga.. obviously.. hehe..
This kebaya, I designed myself.. I was confused with what color that I want for my kebaya.. But I know that I want to wear something in shocking colors.. And it has to be fuchsia.. But I don't want to wear all fuchsia for my kebaya, I want it to be just the element of it.. And yup, I decide to go with tosca green with fuchsia obi belt. I use 3 different fabrics for this kebaya, they are lace (brokat) for the front-top section, satin for the layer inside the lace, chiffon for the hand and obi, and Thai silk for the skirt. 

Who I was with....

My beloved husband

My beloved parents, and my mom wore the same color like me


  1. Beautiful look...
    Beautiful dress...
    Congratulation !

  2. congratzz yaa ka Suciii :)
    Love ur style

  3. lucu banget kebayanya, selamat ya, suci :)

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  5. Selamat ya
    moga makin sukses dengan ilmunya :)

  6. Congratulation ,in french we say félicitationnnnnn.
    I like your blog ^^ very interessting blog and I could discover Indonesian hijabist world... ^^

  7. Suchi, such a nice blog. I love your kebaya! Will be my inspiration to make my own. Keep on writing and inspiring hijab fashion xoxo

  8. Congratulations! You know what, you look fashionable with and without your toga. That’s what my sister, who’s beside me by the way, told me. You’re overflowing with confidence, and that will make you stand out in an event like that. =) I also love those photos, sweet! I suddenly missed my dad.