Monday, October 3, 2011

Make Up Tutorial: Strong Eyeliner

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Another tutorial video that I made, make up tutorial video.. Well actually, let me share a bit.. I love experimenting with make up, especially eye makeup.. Bold eye shadow, eyeliner, etc.. I love buying makeup products but I never use them that often. So, I need that makeups that I have, have their function and it'll be an added value if I can use them for something good as it sharing to you girls.. I know that my makeup technique might not be perfect as the pros.. But well, we learn.. right? And hopefully by learning, we can get better and better.. :) Without further talking, here's the video.. Hopefully It'll be useful.. InsyaAllah.. Enjoy!


  1. suci mau tanya, eye shadow pallet nya merk apa ya??? PAC bukan??!! :D thank u

  2. kak suci,ak coba make up totorialnya..hasilnya menakjubkan..pangling bgd,thanks :)

  3. thanks for the tutorial :)
    i found it very useful. boleh tanya ngga ka, eyeliner-nya merk apa? trims :)