Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Putra Jaya

Such! Hi-Waist Flare Pants (coming soon)


  1. hey dear :) i'm really adore you style :) i adore u till i took ur pic as my default , hope u not mind bout that , nway u so beautiful n stylish :)

  2. Salam beautiful Suci,

    You look fantastic in everywhere of your style. You are my inspiration to style in hijab with no limit of fashion yet with modesty..Looking forward to see you there in Jkrta or during your visit in Brunei Darussalam..

  3. Su aha Allah k'Suchi, cantik banget :) style.a top :D pengen dah kaya' k'Suchi :) n mnjadi inspirasi buat aku. Wasalam