Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Hubby Looks Great!

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

Me and my family just had our holy umroh journey.. we went to Makkah-Madinah for about a week, alhamdulillah it was out second time had our umroh but me and my husband first time went together as husband and wife! subhanallah.. everything seems complete.. alhamdulillah.. FYI, the temperature there was reached 48 degree c. Subhanallah.. And my husband create this new look due to avoid his face from sun burnt.. creative! 

Yes, he is my hubby
I know that he was actually smiling during this photoshoot :p


  1. Subhanallah kak sucii, cantik bgt, baru pulang umrah y...mudah2an sy juga bisa nyusul umrah ke sanaa, amin amin...

  2. Waa.. senangnyaa bisa umroh bareng suami tercinta :) jadi pengeeen *sygnya blm punya suami :( semoga bisa kaya ka Suci nanti :))

  3. You always looks great Suci... :) subhanllah cantik!