Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Feet with Pandora

Assalamualaikum beautiful,

This week has been a rough week especially for me and my family. We have to accept the fact that our Umroh trip should be delayed due to bureaucracy and administration process. Well, its hard.. really hard.. knowing that we really miss Baitullah, pray in front of multazam and have our holy journey where everything mostly only between us and Allah SWT. However, insyaAllah we're accepted this condition sincerely, non-stop praying in our heart and let Allah lead the way. Hopefully we can get there (Mekkah-Madinah) soon.. Amiin..

Aaannd, I just received my Up Shoes order yesterday.. my Pandora Sailor! Yeaayyy.. I'm so happy and apparently the shoes are so comfortable..seriously.. I love the colour, the design.. very unique.. and one more thing for sure, Up shoes are MADE IN INDONESIA! 100% Indonesia.. Subhanallah... So I'm not only wear them with style, but also with proud.. :)

Such! Wide drape pants, Such! Inner Ninja & Cotton Cloth Pashmina (wear as turban)
Up Pandora Sailor, Liquidwear stripe t's, 

Photographed by: Ginanjar Arya Wibawa
Edited by: Suci Utami


  1. Awwww... SUPER GORGEOUS!! Love it much!! ;)
    I adore you dear... Hope we can be friend.. :)

  2. Assalamualaikum dear.
    so sorry to hear abt the delayed umroh. cuma di delay kan, ga di cancel? insyaAlloh dpt kesempatannya segera yaa.. mmg urusan visa utk umroh jd mslh bgt. kmrn aku jg ngalamin hal yg sama, tapi alhamdulillah msh dkasi kesempatan. jd cuma mslh waktu aja. banyak doa dan sabar yaaah..
    lovw ur up shoes too ;)