Friday, April 29, 2011

No Make Up

Assalamualaikum beautiful,

I face a dilemmatic situation right now.. Well, I usually put make up on everytime I go out. Not a heavy make up, just a light touch to make my face fresher. But recently, my husband start to complain and suggest me not to wear make up. He like me more without make up. And I think its true, yesterday I went out with him without make up and I can see happiness from his eyes. ahahaha.. silly, but true.. So what should I do now? hiks..


  1. dear...u still cute with or without make up =)...

  2. gpp koq kak. kan ada kalanya juga cwo suka kita apa adanya. hhee tetep cantik koq, :)

    - Atifa conti

  3. gpp suci.. kamu tetep keliatan cantik tanpa make up :)

  4. cool outfit! I heart your trousers :)


  5. mbak tetep cantik walo tanpa make up :)

  6. wakakakakakak, i think mostly husband said that to their wife,cause you know what, my husband said that also to me, and my sister's husband so, and my MOTHER's husband so, which is mean he's my Dad. Lol.

    "You're look better without your make up honey." Or, "I love your natural looks." :p and so you know, my husband really2 hates BULU MATA PALSU, even i'm not often wear them. Only to go to kondangan. itupun sometimes. ahahaha

  7. assalamualaikum kak Suchi...
    tanpa make up juga tetep cantik kok kak...
    tapi yg mau aku tanyakan apa yg di "BIG DAY FOR MY LOVE" itu kak Suchi?
    kok nggak pake jilbab kak? apa itu hasil editan?
    makasih... :)

  8. I'm a hijaber from Morocco and I like fashion and style also. but Hijab is not just a scarf, it's modesty and hiding your beauty but for your husband who deserves to see it while u're alone and with him not in public .; sister I really liked your blog, pic .. it's really inspiring but I didn't like at all that a muslimah girl wore make up to go out this is forbidden in Islam, u might think it's just refreshing up but in islam it's about temptation and showing your beauty to other man out there whom are nt your husband, he was right, I really like u, I just wanted to say this to you :) it's just an advise
    And it's Safaa, 19 years old, with a new blog I just started :
    U're so welcome :)