Saturday, March 5, 2011

Red, Stripes and Black

Assalamualaikum beautiful,

I made this new inner scarf which almost similar to headband - slash - hair. Its kinda cute, even though my husband and my sister told me that it looks weird. What do you think? and I also wear red stripes t-shirt! woohoo..

Such! inner headband (coming soon), Such! culotte pants (coming soon), unbranded red stripes t-shirt, Gaudi gray cardigan, unbranded wedges. 

the best french fries I've ever had! Popeyes Cajun Fries. 


  1. hye..
    i like ur style...
    chanteq deyh..

  2. kamu bikin sendiri ya inner scarfnya, suci?
    creative! top! :)

  3. @aQ ANTI sosial: thank you dear..

    @Fitri: iyaa.. :) modif dr ciput yg ada.. hehe.. makasih neng..