Monday, January 24, 2011

Wedding Review

Hi all, it feels so good that finally I can write again. I've been not feeling so well since 3 days ago. Okay, I found many questions regarding the vendors and details of my wedding day. Honestly, I am soooo happy and honored to be asked those questions and I'll answer it with pleasure. So I decide to review all the details of my wedding in this post, so that those of you who may married soon can be assisted by this post (hopefully). Okay, shall we start!

  1. Venue: Gedung Antam (at T.B Simatupang Jakarta Selatan). Firstly, I have no idea of using this venue for my wedding for several reasons. I don't know how the venue looks like (cos I never attend a wedding party held here), I never knew that this venue even exist! and lalala.. And when me and mother do some 'venue hunting' on January, my husband's mom suggest to see Antam and we did! And luckily, I love the venue, I love the aura, the auditorium, etc. FYI, Antam is able to accommodate maximum 1200 persons. So I guess It'll fit my invitees. me and my mom decide to booked this venue on January and it happens that they still have the auditorium available for the end of the year! wow! And we got this date, November 6th 2010. Yeay!
  2. Wedding Organizer: Rumah IDE Organizer. This WO is owned by my friend from the junior high, and he is well-known by his credibility as trustworthy and responsible person. So there was no doubt for me to hire them as my wedding organizer. And alhamdulillah, their performance way beyond my expectation! They worked very professional and they were veeerrryyy helpful! trust me, I am not exaggerating on this.. I can't stop thank them for a super beautiful smooth wedding I had! everything went so perfect and well organized, again..thanks to them, especially to Okky and Mba Galuh, they roooock!! You can check out their profile through their facebook's page. Score, from 1 to 10 I give them 10!
  3. Make Up and wardrobe: Sanggar Liza. Woohooo!! I looove Sanggar Liza very berry much! Mba Fitri was the one who did my make up and I love it. Not only make up ut also the wardrobe, especially for my family. And me myself use kebaya from Sanggar Liza for the reception. If you want to know more about them, just visit them here. Score, from 1 to 10 I give them 10!    
  4. Decoration: Janur Kuning Decoration. The decoration was PERFECT! they really accommodate my desire of my dreams decoration. I told them that I want the decoration to be almost similar to my parent's 24 years ago, but with a bit modification and modernization. And yes! they made it! wowwww.. I was amazed, surprised and also happy for what they've done. Thanks to Pak Ferry and Mba Sylvi for listening to what I want. Score: 10! check out their portfolio here.   
  5. Photography: Alfred Photography. Alfred is one of a professional photographer who expertise in all kind of photography types. He is totally professional and I looove his shoots and pictures that he captured.. soo artful and pure. I don't like picture with too many retouch or edited, and thank God that he's with me! He got a great portfolio and he worked for many industries and magazines. So I guess no doubt for their (Alfred and team) credibility and result. All pictures in this post and my wedding album are taken by him. For more info and portfolio please visit his website here. Score: 9! (I can't give en full score cos my album hasn't done yet, so I guess we shall wait until the album finished!) and these are my most favorite pictures.              
  6. Music: Simply Six from Rumah IDE Organizer. The band was great! Some people said that the bridegroom won't recognize the music because too busy welcoming the guest, but it was totally wrong! I really enjoy the band, they sound soo beautiful and they played all songs that we requested. Well, even though not completely all songs..maybe because the song wasn't really familiar, but it didn't matter at all. My mom told me that one of her colleagues refuse too came home early because really enjoy all songs that brought by the band. Fantastic! I also sing along for few times at that time. for portfolio, you can check it out along with Rumah IDE Organizer. Score: 9!
  7. Catering: Caterindo. Woohooo.. I always love Caterindo's food, and my most favorite dish is their Chicken Steak! Everytime I ate it, it always brought tears to my eyes. Arrghh it is sooo good! They don't have homepage but if you want their contact number, you can send me email okay? Score: 10!
Okay, I guess I said it all. For those of you who'd like to dig more info, you can contact them through their websites or you can ask me by sent me email. I'd love to help. I always love wedding, and hopefully I can be a wedding planner in the future. Will you be my first client? :) 

These are pictures of my family portrait and the color themes of my wedding. 

Hope this post might help you! :) please give your feedback, okay?


  1. teh suci... salam kenal ya..
    aq seneng ih liat2 foto nikahannya..

    btw mau tanya itu kebaya n aksesorisnya dr sendiri ya? untuk krudungnya lucu teh...hunting2 dimana c teh buat kaya gituan?

    makasi ya...

  2. haloo.. utk kebaya yg akad (yg pink) itu koleksi pribadi.. dan aksesorisnya juga punya sendiri.. belinya ditoko bahan aja utk kerudung2nya.. bahannya namanya shiffon silk crepe.. semeternya sekitar 90ribu.. trus dikreasiin pake tile ama renda.. :)

  3. Wall Street Money Never Sleeps was not as good as the first movie, but it does depict the horrible events of Wall Street and the money crisis quiet well.

  4. Cantiiikk banget mbak... Suka deh liatnya... :)

  5. halo mbak suci.. cantiknya. aku kagum ama mbak suci .. hehe..
    bole tanya, waktu jahit kebaya akad itu, jahit di mana mbak ? makasi infonya... sukses selalu & happy always..

  6. kak suci cantik tik tik tik sekaliii.... :)

  7. Teh suci cantik, mau nanya pernikahannya pake adat sunda ya?

    lagi nyari2 info untuk pernikahan dengan adat sunda hehehe

  8. Subhanallah
    Indah banget memang kalau menikah karena Allah :)
    keep the good things mbak suc :)

  9. Halo mbak salam kenal.. bride-to-be sieh...^^ cantik banget hasil make up sanggar liza manglingin bangettt^^...kira2 kalo sanggar liza mw gak ya mbak make up untuk pengantin wanitanya saja?