Friday, January 7, 2011

View from where I live now..

Hello.. hope you notice my new header :) its more represent how I am, now. I also would like to share to you the view from place I live now,  in Selangor, Malaysia. I live 15 levels high, and these are what I saw.

This view that I see from my bedroom's window, a theme park! 
I can hear the crowd and people screaming of thrills. But I haven't gone there, yet. What a pity. 

and this is the view from my balcony, a volcano! ahahaha.. Its just a replica (thank God). 
The volcano and pool are still part of the theme park itself. Well I can say that my condo is surrounded by theme park. Fun!

Last but not least, this is my favorite place. Kitchen! yeaayy..


  1. WOW that looks amazing mashallah. Now I must add visiting Malaysia as one of the things to be done on my list!

  2. Yes Lulu.. you must visit Malaysia :) see you soon.. :)

  3. emangnya kak suchi ni org ind apa malaysiaa ya,n klo org ind d mly kerja ato ikut suami

  4. emangny kak suci ni ngapain d mly??kerja kah