Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oxford Shoes

Hi girls, recently I found our a website that sells shoes.. Sounds common, right?? But wait! It is so interested that this website specialized their shoe products on Oxford Shoes.. yeaayy! have I told you that I love Oxford Shoes? It is a simple-look, elegant, sleek and fashionable fashion item. So the shoe line called Oxfordhea, they only operate online through website and facebook and their products are pre-ordered. I'm soo happy to find this shoe-line because me myself as I told you before a big fan of Oxford Shoes. When I see its website, it feels like I'm in shoe heaven! I want that, that, that, and thooose.. hihihihi.. And guess what?? they offer 10% discount promotion! woohoo.. just check out their Facebook's page for more info. In mean time, these are my favorites.. can't wait to have one of those :)

1 comment:

  1. all shoes is nice :)
    support my friends "oxford dhea" business ok.