Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Day Trip to Putrajaya

Hi girls.. and guys! Today is fun fun fun! Me and hubby went to Putra Jaya, the central government of Malaysia.. to apply a visa for me at the immigration office. It was my first visit to Putra Jaya and I fall in love with that city at the first glance. I just looove the city.. very clean, tidy, fresh, not too crowded, modern, sophisticated, nice food, great transportation service... uuuu.. out of words! I just love to be there. So we took some pictures (well mostly my husband took picturess of me!, obviously), and these are some pictures that we took. And guess what?! I wear no grayyyy todayyy.. woohooo.. today's theme is chocolate and a touch of pink.

 What I wear: inner gamis from Tanabang, knit dress from Such! , unbranded bag, Rubi flat shoes

 and finally, these are my shots! yes yes yes.. 


  1. assalamualaikum mba :) mba, aku liat foto di putrajaya nya dan i was shocked because i thought that you are in indonesia. and honestly im taking my undergraduate in malaysia too , cyberjaya near to putrajaya. glad to see you there (in the picture i mean :) )