Monday, August 24, 2015

Yes its True

"Girls compete, Women empower" 

I do believe that rue friend is not those who's been your friend for a long time, true friend is not those who always be there when you're at your brightest moment, true friend is not those who asked "what can I do?" 

in fact

True friends are those you meet at anytime that can take you to be a better person (no matter how long it takes and how the process was), true friends are those who stay closer when you at your lowest point, true friends never asked "what can I do?" but they will understand and say, "lets hangout!". 


Thanks Fika and Ola for your support and love. Love ya! 

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  1. Let's hangout then.. dah lama gak karokean deh kitah.. hahaha..

  2. Aaaaah, ibu2 yang luar biasaaa... yep, kudu empowering yaaa, ibu2 masa kini

  3. aihh baru bacaaaaa.. ayoo besok kita hangout lagiii. MHIKKK!!