Monday, April 7, 2014

FIrst and Last

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

Have you ever known Ami? Ami Schaheera.. Malaysian blogger you have been fight for cancer for a long time.. A truly inspiration for muslimah around the world for her strength, her positive thoughts, her fashion senses, her style, her life. I've been following her instagram for the past 2 years or less, I love everything that she posted.. She fought her sickness with all the good things.. She lives healthy lives by consuming healthy food, and she always share it to us her followers. 

So happy that finally I got the chance to met her once I was travelled to KL with my husband and son. Jezmine, another friend of mine who also Malaysian Blogger and owner of Old Blossom Box who was kindly arrange our meet up. We met on March 18th at Sunway Pyramid Mal. We had sushi dinner that time. So happy that finally i can meet her in person, not only Ami.. but also Jezmine and Shea Rasol. We had a great night, nice chat, many laughs, and we share about many things. Well mostly about blogger world. I remember when we discussed about blogger agent, and how it can be so frustrating when we have to edited our post on our blog just because our client want something else to be written.. and then Ami said, "somehow it feels not sincere anymore". Well yes, blogging came from our idealism in term of share our thought, our style, our personal life (a lil bit) and everything seems to be sincere at the first time. But somehow. now when we start to have clients, we managed how to be stay sincere while also give the best to our clients. Well, our discussion that night was heavy.. and light also.. haha

As I went back to Jakarta, days later after that night.. I saw posting on Ami's instagram.. the picture was heartbreaking.. I nearly cried.. It was Ami's husband who was updated Ami's condition, and he ask for prayers for Ami since she was hard to breath that time. Astagfirullah.. Prayers goes out to her.. And days later, I received message from Jezmine said that Ami was critical and it was impossible for her to make it through. Ya Allah.. Astagfirullah.. 

March 26th, 2014
Innalillahi wa inna illaihi rojiun.. 
Her battle is over, her sickness is relief.. She went back to Allah SWT among the righteous.. I never thought that it was our first meeting, and also the last.. Still can't believe.. I miss Ami's post on instagram, miss her positivity, she truly inspiration.. Rest well Ami, you'll be missed.. 

This photos was taken 8 days before Ami passed away.. it still give me goosebumps.. Allah have best plan for Ami.. We love Ami, but Allah love her more.. Bye Ami..