Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SUCH! New Arrival

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

Like I told you before on my previous previous post that I want to start wearing long skirt for my daily look in order to be more istiqomah with my hijab. And I realize that its quite hard for me to find a basic long skirt with many choice of colors. Besides, sometimes I also confuse in front of my closet in finding a simple top to match my bottom. Due to that reason, I launch my new collection from SUCH! by Suci Utami, basic maxi skirt & layered top. Two simple piece of clothes that available in many colors which can allow you to mmix and match those colors as you like. Not forgot to mention you can also mix and match them with our cerutti series scarf. They available in 12 lovely colors that vary from pastel to neon. Don't hesitate to visit our blog to find out which color that suit you most, psssttt it can be a perfect collectible items since it has so many color and you'll need basic things, right?! So please do visit and go to "TOP" and "BOTTOM" tab to see all colors.   

Monday, January 28, 2013

Grand Launching Mari Berhijab

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Alhamdulillah tanggal 20 Januari 2013 lalu, telah resmi diluncurkan sebuah social movement yang sangat menginspirasi yaitu Gerakan Mariberhijab. Bagi kamu yang belum tau tentang Mariberhijab, bisa klik disini. Gerakan yang diprakarsai oleh my good friend Bundo Ola Aswandi ini sebenarnya udah mulai aktif dari tahun lalu, tapi alhamdulillah baru di launching secara resminya tanggal 20 Januari kemarin ini.

Subhanallah, I was so happy to be part of their Grand Launching since I got so many inspiring stories and knowledge about hijab that I wear. Saat itu, kebetulan aku diundang sebagai salah satu pembicara selain ada juga Bunda Astri Ivo yang mengisi tausyiahnya. Acara GL itu gak cuma ditujukan untuk yang sudah berhijab aja koq, yang belum berhijab juga boleh datang. Tema pada saat itu ya sharing aja sih sebenarnya, we share about our experience with hijab and how the process until we decide to istiqomah covering our aurah. Pada saat Bunda Astri Ivo sharing her experience, benar-benar menginspirasi lho.. Each muslimah mungkin memiliki cobaan masing-masing pada saat ingin memutuskan untuk memakai hijab. Berdasarkan cerita Bunda Astri, dulu cobaan beliau ada pada suami yang kerap belum mengijinkannya untuk berhijab. Beliau pun akhirnya membagi ceritanya tentang bagaimana beliau meyakinkan suaminya sampai akhirnya, 6 tahun kemudian suaminya mengijinkannya juga untuk berhijab. Bayangkan, she needs 6 year to make her husband allow her to cover her aurah with hijab.. Subhanallah..

Para audience juga diperbolehkan untuk mengajukan pertanyaan pada Bunda Astri Ivo, atau aku (yes me, jomplang amat ya nanya pendapat gue..hahaha). But ada beberapa hal menarik yang langsung keinget terus ama aku, yaitu pernyataan Bunda Astri Ivo perihal fenomena, "Mau jilbabin hati dulu, baru pake jilbab beneran".. Mau tau bunda Astri Ivo menanggapinya gimana? "EMANG NANTI PAS MENINGGAL, YANG DITUTUP KAIN KAFAN HATINYA AJA?" mengingatkan kita bahwa perintah memakai jilbab itu WAJIB untuk perempuan mu'min.. perintah memakai jilbab itu sama halnya seperti perintah sholat.. trus ada lagi pertanyaan, "gimana caranya meyakinkan diri yang masih ragu untuk memakai jilbab?" trus jawaban bunda Astri Ivo, "GAMPAAANG.. RAGU KAN? PAKE AJAAAA.. KARENA ITU YG BENAR" iya juga sih, kalo ragu kan artinya 50-50 ya.. so daripada ragu tapi tetep gk nutup aurat, mending ragu tapi tutup aurat.. insyaAllah yang tadinya 50-50, bisa jadi 100-0 untuk berhijab.. aamiin..

Congratulations untuk Mariberhijab, such a noble movement to encourage muslimah dalam berhijab. Subhanallah.. semoga Allah selalu melimpahkan Rahmat dan Hidayah-Nya untuk kita semua.. aamiin..

Ola Aswandi, founder (Pic from Mariberhijab)

pic from  Mariberhijab
Pic from Mariberhijab
My best supporter! Kenza 4 months.. 
 Yes, Kenza accompany Amam to Mariberhijab event.. Why? because Kenza wants to support Amam and he always refuse ASIP.. he just want ASI, fresh from Amam.. yeaaaaaahh.. So I always carry Kenza wherever I go.. to a photo shoot, video shoot, meeting with clients, hang out with my friends.. Alhamdulillah Kenza is such a very nice baby.. Subhanallah.. Jarang banget rewel atau nangis heboh.. as long as his tummy is full and enough sleep, he'll be okay following Amam anywhere.. hehehe.. Love you Kenza sayang, terima kasih yaaa udah pengertian sekaliii..

Monday, January 21, 2013

Red Lips

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

How are youu? Yup, referring to this post title..It is obvious that I wanna talk about hair.. Ahahaha.. Just kidding, I mean toes.. Naaaah, lips!

Recently i love to wear red lipstick.. I used to unconfident to wear lipstick with cetar color.. But after seeing my good friend Mrs. Siti Juwariyah with her red lips, it was awakening me that I might be look as pretty as her with red lipstick.. And with her recommendation of good lipstick, so I decided to buy one..

And you know what I felt after buying it and try it on? I loooveee it! Yes! Red lipstick give you freshness and make my facial skin more radiant (somehow).. By using red lipstick, you also no need much make up though.. Let your lips shiiiinee.. Ahahaha..

Well sorry, maybe this post is agak kurang penting.. But I hope it gives you a bit tips or maybe just FYI..

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Other Half

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

This is a midnight post, when my hubby and son have already slept so tight.. Seeing my son's face while he was sleeping always amazed me.. Always makes me grateful and thankful to Allah for sending me this magical cute creature in my life.. Subhanallah.. Alhamdulillah..

Being married is a compromising situation and having child is another story.. I've felt it already, how marriage can change my life and having a child change it even more.. There's a lot to sacrifice, but much much more to gain and get.. I always believe that marriage has open the door of rizqi for me and my husband, and having Kenza makes that door open wider and wider.. Subhanallah.. There is a will, there is always a way.. Allah will give His best gift to those who have faith and believe..

Have a child upgrades me and my husband's relationship.. We learn how to manage our temper everytime we argue about something, we manage how to create positive energy around Kenza, how we work as a solid team, etc etc.. Its fun though.. Since sometimes or most of the time we should put our ego aside for the sake of Kenza's development, and we don't feel bother at all..

Even though there are so many moments that me and hubby lost with our friends, such as karaoke-ing, hangout, futsal, nailspa, spa, lalala.. But Allah switch them with many things that more and more beautiful.. We watch Kenza's first laugh, rolling, baby's word and speech, subhanallah.. They are more beautiful and fun than anything else.. Best thing being a mom is when your child feel so safe in your arm and hug.. When he stop crying everytime we carry him.. When he look at you with sincere smile.. And when he hold your hand for the first time..

Apap and Kenza, they both complete me.. Complete my life now.. They are my other half.. My soul.. My reason for breathing..

Monday, January 7, 2013

Under the Sky

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

Another new year resolution that I want to do is, I want to learn to be more syar'i both for my style and myself as a muslimah. First step, now I prefer to wear long skirt more often and wear hijab style that cover my chest. InsyaAllah... after that, I want to start wearing socks.. Hope we can be better muslimah.. aamiin..

Inner ninja: Such! by Suchi Utami
Scarf: Pull n Bear
Denim Jacket: Topshop
Maxi Skirt: Such! by Suchi Utami (coming soon)
Flats: Zara

Place: Maja House, Bandung

Friday, January 4, 2013

#MyHijUp Winner (December Edition)

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Alhamdulillah bulan Desember lalu aku diberi kesempatan menjadi juri untuk #Myhijup kontes yang diadakan oleh It was fun since I have to choose 3 (my version) best pictures based on my judgement. So I did, I chose 3 contestants as the winner for December edition. So here they are:

Edgy style.. Gak banyak yg bisa berhasil membawakan gaya ini.. But this girl weerrkk it! Latex-alike top with floral pants is 'sesuatu'. But still her hijab style represent modesty.

Penampilan yang chic dan color combination yang sweet grab my attention. Sweet style and most importantly modest. Keep it simple, modest and pretty. Love this look!

Deeply in love with this color mood. Light green with pink never fail me. Cheerful, cantik, manis.. Great color on her.. Good job!

Congratulations for the winner, to those who haven't joined this contest please do.. Simply by posting your hijabstyle picture through Instagram or twitter along with hashtag #myhijup at the end. Preferably full body picture instead of half or close up. By doing that, the jury will be able to judge your style more easily. Okay then, once again congratulations for the winner for December edition! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wonderful Year

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

2012 has come to an end, and now we step to another new year.. Alhamdulillah.. There are many things that happened in my life in 2012, if I may.. I'd like to breakdown those:
1. I move back to Jakarta for good
2. I got a chance to write a book with Siti and Etu.. And make my first DVD hijab tutorial with Siti..
3. I'm pregnant!
4. Allah memberi keberkahan rizqi untukku during my pregnancy
5. Went to Surabaya in my 7th month pregnancy
6. Launch my book!
7. Gave birth of a handsome baby boy that we've been waiting for 9 months.. Kiss him for the first time.. Welcome Kenza Annafi Budy.....
8. Breastfeed!
9. Move in to our new house
10. SUCH! is more widely known and more barokah.. Alhamdulillah..

Those might be just a few of many blessings that I got in 2012.. Subhanallah.. Alhamdulillah.. But the best thing is being able to hug, kiss and be with Kenza all the time! He's my everything now..

Besides reviewing what I have done in 2012, I also would like to list things that I want to do or achieve in 2013:
1. Wrap and launch SUCH! official webstore..
2. Start to write book 2..
3. Go to Mekkah-Madinah for Umroh with my family
4. Be the best mom for Kenza and best wife for my husband
5. Start new projects!! Excited
6. Always be grateful and thankful for everything that Allah gave me and may Allah always shower our family with rizqi yang berlimpah dan berberkah..