Thursday, July 4, 2013

Indosat Mentari "Hijab Hunt 2013"

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

It was an honor for me to be chosen as one of the keynote speaker for event with Indosat Mentari.. It was a pre-event workshop for "Hijab Hunt 2013" event. I was there to be speaker "Mix and Match" topics. Besides me, there were also other speakers such as Ahmad Farurozi from Indosat, Fifi Alvianto (blogger) and also Ghaida Tsurayya (Singer). The workshop itself took place at Cafe Demang, Sarinah Thamrin. Love the ambience, the audience, and overall it was a wonderful opportunity for me to be there, be part of this workshop. Thanks Detik and Indosat for having me.

Since I gave workshop about mix and match outfit, so I made a conceptual presentation. Jadi ceritanya the model will go to three places in one day. first she wants to hang out with her friends, and then had a meeting with her client, and after that going to her friend's wedding reception. So I prepared only one basic dress with three different outer and scarfs. Choose 1 basic dress with in trend color or yourfave color. three different outer that I brought was an oversized cardigan,a blazer and Bella outer from Such! by Suci Utami. 

Mix and match I. Hangout (informal)
1. Basic dress Mustard (coming soon at Such! by Suci Utami)
2. Oversized cardigan (Forever 21)
3. Shiffon scarf colored electric blue (Such! by Suci Utami) 

Mix and match II. Meeting (semi-formal)
1. Basic dress Mustard (coming soon at Such! by Suci Utami)
2. Ultra coat (coming soon at Such! by Suci Utami)
3. Cashmere scarf navy blue

Mix and match III. Meeting (formal)
1. Basic dress Mustard (coming soon at Such! by Suci Utami)
2. Bella Outer White (Such! by Suci Utami)
3. Victorian scarf black (Such! by Suci Utami)

Tips for you in doing mix and match with your outfit: 
1. choose maximum of three color combination in every look
2. Combine bright color with at least 1 (one) neutral color
3. Combine plain outfit with patterned scarf or vice-versa
4. Wear them with confident! when you have self-esteem, anything will look great on you.

and for your information, 

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  1. mbak bella outer white nya cantik bgt...di bandrol brp mbak bella outer whitenya?n bisa dibeli dmna mbak?