Friday, April 26, 2013

New Collection from Such! by Suci Utami

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

You have no idea how happy I am to present you Such! newest collection. This is the first collection after gave birth to a very handsome baby named Kenza.. It took probably almost 8 months for me to have this collection launch, finally. Well, as you know I almost have no time to design, draw, etc, etc.. But alhamdulillah, we finally made it..

Another story is, for our collection we have new models! yeayy.. have you heard about Such! Model Hunt? Its an event that Such! create annually to search for new model talents and those who win will be the face of Such! for a season. So happy that we found our winner, they are Futri Virginia, Farhana Hakim, Rizky Annisa, Irna Febriani and Ananda Suci. They are soooo pretty and we had a great time during photoshoot..

Without further a do, I present you Such! new collection.. Fierce and Humble..

to see our complete lookbook and catalog you may visit here

Be fierce and stay humble with Such! by Suci Utami new collection. We give you wide range of color option for you to choose. Happy shopping!

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  1. cute bgt warna2nyaaa
    Btw, Take a look at my hijab fashion :)