Saturday, April 6, 2013

H to T (Head to Toe)

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Today is Saturday! Yeaayy.. Subhanallah I receive so many happy stories and I also had a great time with my family.. First news that really made my morning was, the news that one of my best friend, Siti.. is pregnant! Yeaayy.. Alhamdulillah.. So happy!! Through this post, I'd like to congratulate you and your husband for this precious gift.. Mudah-mudahan sehat terus yaa bumiilll and baby.. Aamiin..

Aaanndd, today I wear Such! by Suci from head to toe.. The scarf, is one of the upcoming new collection from us.. The best thing about this scarf is.. The pattern might be fierce, but the color is so soft.. InsyaAllah it will be publish this Monday.. And the top, its one of our upcoming new collection.. Breastfeed friendly, foooorr sure.. Hehe.. The the skirt, it is our basic maxi skirt and the color is Salmon.. My fave! Not forgot to mention, the inner ninjaaa.. Our signature design of innerscarf ninja..

Today we stroll around the mall.. Banyak yg komen, "Suci ke mal mulu.." Yaaa, abis hiburan kemana lagii.. Yang nyaman utk bawa baby juga.. So we choose mal over zoo, beach, lalala.. But one day when Kenza already understand about his environment... Nature.. I'll take him for a sweet adventure journey.. Foooo syoooo (read: for sure)..

Scarf: Feroca Series (Salmon) by Such!, Top: Upcoming Such!
Skirt: Basic Maxi Skirt Such! (Salmon), Bag: Celine
Flats: Zara


  1. haha jadi inget suka bawa bayi aku yg baru 3,5 bln jalan ke mol mulu juga. masih kecil sih, kl udah gedean dan lebih kuat sih pengen bawa ke kebun binatang!
    btw, you wear a very nice color. pas banget nih kayaknya buat nyante jalan sore2

  2. love the bag and the hijab! you look so pretty. looking forward to your next post. keep inspiring!

  3. Hijab nya keren.... Great inspiration for hijabers ;)

    >>> <<<