Sunday, March 3, 2013

Behind The Scene

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

Another project that me and Siti Juwariyah work on.. Can't wait until everything is settled and soon we'll be launch the result.. Meanwhile, I give you the behind the scene of it.. 

 And when camera off, I do what I should do.. My duty..

Thanks Kenza for always be a nice baby boy when accompany Amam working.. Amam love you!
Anyway, Kenza is 5 months old now.. alhamdulillah.. Dia udah bisa berguling, mulai "onggong-onggong" kalo kata orang Sunda bilang, ceramahnya juga udah makin panjang dan menggemaskan, dan gak kerasa sebentar lagi Kenza akan lulus ASIX dan mulai makan.. InsyaAllah.. Always healthy and happy ya anak Amam sayang.. :*


  1. wah pasti koleksinya bagus bagus nih ya :D
    btw aku juga ada koleksi nih di fb cek ya jangan lupa di like! ada rok yang bisa dipake dalam 15 gaya :D

  2. you look so stunning kak!!!!! so gorgeous!!! I'm amazed omg :O


  3. Woww.. Can't wait for Suci & Siti new project :)

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