Monday, January 7, 2013

Under the Sky

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

Another new year resolution that I want to do is, I want to learn to be more syar'i both for my style and myself as a muslimah. First step, now I prefer to wear long skirt more often and wear hijab style that cover my chest. InsyaAllah... after that, I want to start wearing socks.. Hope we can be better muslimah.. aamiin..

Inner ninja: Such! by Suchi Utami
Scarf: Pull n Bear
Denim Jacket: Topshop
Maxi Skirt: Such! by Suchi Utami (coming soon)
Flats: Zara

Place: Maja House, Bandung


  1. Nice photo and clothes style, thank you for sharing :)


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    Thank you.

  2. You look so pretty as always kak! Hope we can be better muslimah.. aamiin:)

  3. Nice shoot :)

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  4. nice try suciiii..
    pengen juga ke arah sana.
    mdh2aann bisa segera menyusul

  5. alhamdulillah, resolusi yang bagus suci, moga istiqomah niatnya..Insya Allah ga sulit ko, saya udah memulainya sejak 2008, dan hijab style sekarang, sudah menjembatani jilbab syar'i, :)

  6. Me too Suci... Ingin berpakaian yang lebih syar'i di tahun ini & tahun2 ke depannya :)

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  7. Nice going mba suci...Insya Allah dimudahkan semua niatnya dan usahanya..Amiin

  8. awesome skirt and fab look!

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