Friday, January 4, 2013

#MyHijUp Winner (December Edition)

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Alhamdulillah bulan Desember lalu aku diberi kesempatan menjadi juri untuk #Myhijup kontes yang diadakan oleh It was fun since I have to choose 3 (my version) best pictures based on my judgement. So I did, I chose 3 contestants as the winner for December edition. So here they are:

Edgy style.. Gak banyak yg bisa berhasil membawakan gaya ini.. But this girl weerrkk it! Latex-alike top with floral pants is 'sesuatu'. But still her hijab style represent modesty.

Penampilan yang chic dan color combination yang sweet grab my attention. Sweet style and most importantly modest. Keep it simple, modest and pretty. Love this look!

Deeply in love with this color mood. Light green with pink never fail me. Cheerful, cantik, manis.. Great color on her.. Good job!

Congratulations for the winner, to those who haven't joined this contest please do.. Simply by posting your hijabstyle picture through Instagram or twitter along with hashtag #myhijup at the end. Preferably full body picture instead of half or close up. By doing that, the jury will be able to judge your style more easily. Okay then, once again congratulations for the winner for December edition! 

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