Sunday, August 19, 2012

Idul Fitri 1 Syawal 1433 H

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Allahuakbar.. Allahuakbar.. Allahuakbar..

Selamat Idul Fitri, menyambut 1 Syawal 1433 H dengan penuh kebahagiaan dan iman serta kita semua kembali ke fitrah. Aamiin allahuma aamin. Seperti biasa, saya menghabiskan waktu di hari pertama lebaran dengan berkumpul bersama keluarga. Baik keluarga saya maupun keluarga suami, alhamdulillah. Lebaran kali ini merupakan lebaran kedua bagi saya dan suami, dan di momen lebaran kali ini terasa lebih spesial karena kami sedang menanti kehadiran Junior yang in syaa Allah sebentar lagi lahir. Perkiraan tanggal lahirnya adalah bulan depan, aamiin. Mudah-mudahan segalanya dapat berjalan dengan lancar, dan Juniar bisa lahir dengan selamat dan sehat.

My Mom will be a very beautiful Grandma, isn't she?

Love you, Papap
Dengan tulus saya haturkan permintaan maaf atas segala kesalahan dan kehilafan. Semoga kita semua mendapatkan Idul Fitri yang barokah, aamiin.

What I wear for Ied day
Wide dress by: Gda by Ghaida
Flowery Outer: DIY from Such! shiffon scarf
Hijab: Shiffon Crepe Shawl by Such! (Gray)
Inner Ninja: Dusty Purple by Such!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

EVENT: The Launching of HIJABIST on Aug 12th, 2012

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

As I informed in my previous previous post, that on August 12th, 2012.. Suci Utami, Siti Juwariyah and Restu Anggraini together with Terrant Books held the launching of our book HIJABIST: Confessions of Hijab Fashion Blogger. And the day has come! woohoooo.. we're sooooo superrr ecxited for this event.

The event was started at 3 pm at Pejaten Village 3rd floor. It was amazing and beyond our imagination. We're so happy and quite nervous. Here's the short preview from the event:

We tell a little bit preview about our book, and the process behind it. Its funny because its like a flashback for us to recall our memories about the process. We also thrill to see the audiences who were excited just like we were that time. This book is our first step as a writers and we hope that this book will warmly accepted by HIJABIST in Indonesia or maybe abroad. Alhamdulillah our book have already available at book stores in JABODETABEK and other cities followed. InsyaAllah you can also buy the book through our blog, we'll update you how to after lebaran ya.. 

on our way to the stage, dag dig dug

Best dress winner as our choice

Etu gave a simple hijab tutorial

Gda sing beautifully

Thank you for you who came that day, hope you enjoy the event as well as we were. Now you can find and buy our book at Gramedia or Toko Buku Gunung Agung. If you still don;t see our book at the book shelf, try to ask the official person from the book store to find them for you, okaayyy.. Thanks beautiful..

Friday, August 17, 2012

Muslimah in Style with

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Marhaban ya ramadhan.. barokah month for most muslims in the whole world.. including me.. I got another chance to be invited to be tutor hijab for event called "Muslimah in Style" sponsored by Caring Colours. Taken place at FX Plaza, Jakarta.

Thanks for having me.. :)

And you also can check put my Hijab Tutorial series at Wolipop's website, the link will be provided below:

click here

click here

click here

click here

Happy Anniversary HijabeeSBY

Asssalamualaikum Beautiful,

Its probably a very late post, but better late than never, right? Yup, I was invited to the HijabeeSBY 1st anniversary. It was an honor for me to participated in that event as a guest speaker. It was my first time went to Surabaya as well. I was so excited to went to Surabaya.

Dulu ngiranya, Surabaya tuh kota yang panas.. terik.. macet.. chaosnya juga gak beda jauh sama di Jakarta. Hmm.. we'll see.. I took off from Soetta airport with hubby and Mom (iya lengkap ya pengawalnya, since I already 31 weeks pregnant) on August 3rd. I wasn't really panic or worried about travelling using airplane during my pregnancy. Since I was so enjoy and happy that time, I'm sure that my baby will be happy too! and yup, we flew from Jakarta to Surabaya. The journey was about 1 hour. Alhamdulillah we landed safely at Juanda airport Surabaya.

Sesampainya di airport, kami dijemput dan disambut dengan hangat oleh Puput, sang ketua panitia acara 1st anniversary ini. She is sooo sweet and friendly. Seneng bgt deh.. And theeenn.. I was wrong about Surabaya, ternyata Surabaya kotanya enak bgtttt.. ya terik sih.. tapi gak macet (waktu aku sampe sana ya), and what attracted me the most was.. The sky is blue-er than Jakarta's sky! seneng bgt bisa liat langit biruu kaya gtu..

Selama di Surabaya juga kami diajak jalan-jalan sama komite HijabeeSBY yang baik-baik banget.. Cinthya and Brit. They took us for culinary experience! it was really a culinary experience for us. The brought us to a place where almost all Surabaya's food are there and we tried one by one. Apparently, Surabaya's food are awesome and tasty.. We also tasted Sate Kelopo, ini nih yang paling bikin merem melek karena enaknya.. Enak bangeettttt! aaahhh.. Surabaya, I promise I will be back.. I'll take Junior with me.. Kota yang menyenangkan, begitu juga orang-orangnya.. sangat berkesan.. Thank you very much HijabeeSBY for having me.. see you soon yaa..

And this is the picture from the event, so sorry for the quality of the pic.. since almost all of them was taken by phone camera. But the event was so cool and success! alhamdulillah.. great decoration, solid committee (and they were really funny too).. Sukses terus yaaa HijabeeSBY!

first row audience, my beloved husband

with the committee