Friday, March 23, 2012

Story of SUCH!

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

I know its been a while I'm not posting to my blog.. Its just, I can't stand to be in front of the laptop for too long..  Sometimes I feel sick and dizzy.. Anyway, yes! SUCH! has launched our new collections.. It was quite a long postpone since our last collection.. I know... But alhamdulillah we finally launch them..

I wanna tell a bit story behind the establishing of Such! It was started when me and my husband just married.. Maybe about two months after.. Well, long story short.. we're married before both of us got a job because we just already finished our bachelor degree and we're on progress to finish our master's.. Yes, we're still young, married and jobless.. Probably not so laughable condition for many people since this is a serious matter.. but not for us.. we were so happy that time.. and we believe that marriage will open "pintu rizki" for us.. We 1000% believe in that.. So anyway, the idea of starting business begin with a day when I went to a ladies day  bazaar and saw a cotton shawl that used by a guy.. and accidentally he sell it.. That time, many people also interest in that shawl, but so far they want to use it as shawl to cover their neck while its cold..

I also bought it, but for me, I wanna make it as hijab.. Another long story short.. I inspired by that shawl and decided to make it myself.. I know where to buy the fabrics and how to produce them.. but I made a little modification.. I made a bigger size of shawl and I called it pashmina.. Bigger size may cover our chest and back.. And thats when Such! begin.. I wasn't easy at the first time, of couuursee.. It was like a family business.. we hand-in-hand, to do the production, the promotion, the order taking, the packaging.. lalalala.. The whole family worked sooooo hard and of course we had fun with it.. and they are our biggest support for this business since I live in Malaysia that time.. Huuuft.. But alhamdulillah, we're growing and developing.. Now, we have our own workshop and employees.. And alhamdulillah, now we can shipped more than 200 packages/ month.. We ship locally and internationally.. We really thankful for this opportunity and the trust given by our customer..

I still have so many dreams for Such! to be come true.. InsyaAllah.. We run this business slowly but sure, we don't want to be rushing at anything.. Maybe there's a lot of people still underestimate our work, but it doesn't matter.. We really thankful and grateful for what Allah gave us.. this is the rizqi that Allah give to us.. We used to be young-married-jobless.. but now we are young-married-entrepreneur.. hopefully the successful one.. InsyaAllah.. Aamiin..

Make Up by Irma Novita.. I looooove her make up! 
un-make up me and the beautiful models:
left-right: Eckie, Novie, Me, Synta and Tika

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Sartika Putria, Eckie Annisa, Indah Novianti, Syntamira
Photographed by: Alfred Photography
Make Up by: Irma Novita (follow her tweet @nengirmanovita) 
Accessories by: Jingga Pernik  (follow their tweet @jinggapernik)


Proud Wife

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

I have told you that my husband was studying at Monash University, Malaysia for his Master Degree, right? Well, Subhanallah.. Alhamdulillah.. On March 13th, 2012.. He finally fulfil his study.. his task.. his responsible.. He graduated! Yeayyy.. His graduation ceremony took place at Sunway, Selangor Malaysia.. Near our place back then.. So we decided to went to Malaysia for that... I was a bit worry about going abroad by airplane since my pregnancy still too early.. But after consultation with my Obgyn, she approves my trip with so many notes that should be remembered.. Such as, no heavy lifting, no stressful packing, no high heels, come to the airport earlier to avoid rushing, don't be too tired while there, etc, etc.. Well, as long as I can see my husband on his graduation day, all those notes are worthy..

So we went to Malaysia on March 12th.. Yes I didn't lift anything heavy, even at all! Since my handbag was held by my hubby as well.. He's so kind.. So the flight was smooth and we landed safely at KL.. Subhanallah, the feeling was mixed up! I miss KL sooooo much.. moreover when we arrive at the hotel, at Sunway Pyramid Hotel.. aaaaaaa.. I saw Pyramid and I can't stop smiling, tearing a little bit.. as if all memories when me and hubby still live there was playback..I was soooo happy.. I spend most of my time at the hotel, because I can't walk too much.. I can't be too tired.. So everytime my husband and family went out for sightseeing, I prefer not coming and rest at hotel..

Finally, the D Day was come.. my hubby graduation ceremony which placed at the nearby hotel.. He was a little bit nervous, and so did I.. But I didn't show it much.. Well, this is the picture of that day.. We forgot to bring a proper camera.. So we use phone camera instead.. Better than not at all right? Excuse the bad quality..

So proud!

Mu hubby and his friend, Bay

Proud Dad

It was quite emotional for me, being there.. At my husband's graduation ceremony.. I remember how hard he studied.. How hard he was doing tons of assignments.. It was like a flashback moment for me.. Remember the ups and downs that we've been through together.. at KL.. just the two of us.. Subhanallah.. I don't know whether I've already gave him the best support or not, but saw him wearing "toga" and his named was called to the stage was gave me goosebumps.. and of course teary eyes.. Aaaaah.. Despite of all obstacles that my husband have been through, he finally made it! Yeah! And I'm soooo proud.. All the sleepless nights of studying was worth it.. Alhamdulillah.. Dear Daddy, we're so proud of you.. :*

Friday, March 2, 2012

STYLE STEAL: Bold and Bright

TOP: SUCH! Upcoming Collection
SKIRT: Hardware for LM
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HEADPIECE: Forever 21

MAKE UP: ME Myself
PHOTOGRAPH: Ginanjar AW (@aginagin)

Style Steal: Breezy Romantic

Top: SUCH! Upcoming Collection
Skirt: SUCH! Suspender Skirt (Creme)
Scarf: unbranded
Inner Ninja: SUCH! Inner Scarf Ninja
Headpiece: Forever 21

Make Up: ME Myself
Photographer: Ginanjar AW (@aginagin)