Thursday, February 23, 2012

SUCH! Upcoming Event

Meet you there? See yaaa..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hijab Class with HSC Bandung

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Its been so late to post this story, but better late than never.. right? Well, on January 29th.. almost a month ago.. I got the chance to be invited as hijab tutorial tutor for HSC (Hijab Style Community) Bandung.. It was my first time gave a tutorial live in front of many audiences.. as you know, I usually give hijab tutorial through video that I uploaded to Youtube.. However, I was so happy that the participants were so excited and also the committee were humble, cheerful and fun to be with.. I had so much fun that time.. Really wish that I can meet all of them again.. :)

The participants were very very beautiful with their make up because before hijab tutorial session, they had make up tutorial session with Wardah. 

I gave 4 tutorials.. 2 tutorials using square scarf hijab, and the other two using shiffon long scarf. 

There were about more than 60 participants and they were given goodie bag from Such! 

This is the tutorial using shifffon scarf.. and after this tutorial, I give this polkadot scarf to the model :) 

With the host, Bena.. 

When the tutorial class is over, suddenly Teh Elma Theana (Indonesian actress in early 90's) came to visit her boutique which happen to be our venue, and when she saw all the pretty girls with their unique hijab style.. she wanted me to do the same to her hijab. So I made her a new hijab style wearing my square scarf that I brought that time. 

She said, "Eh iya ya.. lucu ya.. bagus ya.. kaya rambut diblow gitu.." hehehe.. Alhamdulillah she loves it. 

Took picture with Teh Elma Theana and the host of the event, Ratna and Bena.. 

With Head of Committee of this event, Windy

With all committee of HSC Bandung. For you who lives in Bandung and want to know more about their activities and event, you may follow their tweets @hscbandung

Thanks hubby for accompanied me and took picture.. Love you..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Such! Hijab Tutorial COMPETITION

Most Beautiful Gift

Assalamualaikum Beautiful...

Well.. Actually, nothing can describe how I feel recently.. As I posted earlier, I had my 25th birthday on January 31st.. and Allah give me the most beautiful, most expected, most wanted gift.. Okay, let start with the beginning of the story..

Me and hubby just move back to Indonesia (Jakarta) this January, after our almost 2 years time lived in Malaysia for my hubby master program. Well, alhamdulillah my hubby has finished his study, and that's why we move back to Indonesia. Yes, we really enjoy our times in Jakarta.. with our family, friends, no stress out because of exam or something like that. Time goes by, and it is my birthday at the end of January.. Unconsciously, I was late.. about 1 week late.. hmmm.. I push myself not too much expectation about this period late, because it happened several times.. But, since my hubby bought us ticket to Surabaya.. and I just want to be sure whether is it okay for me to travel during this late period or not, sooo I decided to have test pack on February 2nd.

I woke up soo early that day, because to have urine be tested, it should be the first urine of the day.. So I woke up and keep dzikr in my heart and keep talkin to myself "okay, pasrahkan pada Allah aja.. kalaupun belum positif ya gapapa.. La hawla wa la kuwata ila billah".. And so I did the test.. I saw one bold stripe appear, but suddenly.. I saw another stripe appear.. but still it was thin line.. hmmm.. my face still flat that time.. and so I wait.. after wait for about 3 minutes, that other stripe more and more clear and bold.. wow! seriously??? that test pack have 2 stripes?? Subhanallah.. I was shaking.. and I ran to my-still-sleeping-hubby.. I woke him up, "kitiiing.. kitiiiing.. look look.. how many stripes do you here??" while he still rubbing his sleepy eyes he answered, "one?" and I insist, "nooo.. put your glasses on and see.. it has two stripes!!" and still, he was rubbing his eyes, yawning.. ahahaha.. it was funny.. and so I get down stairs to see my mom.. and my-sleepy-kucek mata-dad open the door, and I said "Paaakk, take a look at this.. how many stripes did you see??" My dad rubbing his eyes and said, "one.." Oh my God, what's happening to guys in this house siihhh?? Matanya pada siwerrr.. and so I see my mom, in the bathroom while she was having a shower.. "Modeerrr, look look.. my testpack shows 2 stripes.." and my Mom had her eyes covered with shampoo.. zzzzz.. "Hah, gmana teh? ohhh iyaa.. udah 2 yaa??" But my Mom was still a bit hesitate because of those foam on her eyes.. hihihihi.. It was a heboh morning.. And so my Mom and hubby told me to wait until next week re-test and see the doctor.. And I agree..

But, the next day.. I'm curious and do the test again using different testpack.. and alhamdulillah, it still shows 2 stripes.. and so I told my Mom and  Hubby that I wanna see doctor ASAP.. like, right now! hehehe.. and they agreed..

The picture is from here
And so we went to the Obgyn, and have my uterus checked up.. Me and hubby was so nervous that time.. The doctor was very serious in checking up and searching for the fetus.. and suddenly he said, "Here you go.. this is your fetus.. still very tiny because your pregnancy still early".. I almost cried to hear that, we were so happy.. holding hands.. Subhanallah.. and the doctor said that my pregnancy was 4 to 5 weeks old.. Alhamdulillah.. Ya Allah.. Allahu akbar.. It was like half dreaming.. Allah give us this precious gift on the perfect time for us.. When we've already moved back and settled down in Jakarta, me and hubby have already finished our study, and alhamdulillah when me and hubby are building our dream house together, and on my birthday.. Subhanallah..

Being pregnant is one phase that I really looking forward right after we were married.. And Allah gave us 1 year to get to know each other better, to prepare ourselves better to be parents.. And when Allah said this is the time, then He gave us what we've waited for.. in our happiest time.. Subhanallah.. Alhamdulillah.. Allahuakbar.. Allah knows the best.. absolutely.. He listen to our prayers, NO DOUBT! and Allah answer it at the best time.. the best situation.. I can't hold my tears while writing this post.. ya Allah, thanks for this most beautiful gift for us.. Me and hubby.. its all because of You ya Allah, Your blessings, Your love, Your kindness.. Hopefully I can undergo this pregnancy with Your blessings and health.. until the due day is come.. Aamiin..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Play with Scarfs

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

Just had photo shoot for new scarf collection of Such!.. You can find them at our website, but so sorry that these scarf are very limited since only 1 piece/ each.. So, you better be fast beautiful.. :) 

Photographed by: Budy Kurnia (hubby)
Make Up: me 
All scarf and inner ninja by Such! by Suchi Utami

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thousand Kisses from Bestfriends

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Continuing the previous post about my birthday surprise from my blogger bestfriend, after blowing candles and chit chat for a while, we decide to move to other activities which was taking picture (as always). And we found this catchy background for it. So we took so many pictures there and was being center of attention from the mall visitors.. First, individual shots.. well, couple actually.. :D

Me and Fitri Aulia

Nalia Rifika and Fatimah Romiy

Siti Juwariyah and Kara Faz
Continue to group shots..

Do you notice that all of us wearing hot pink lipstick? 
The hot pink lipstick actually like a tribute to me,
my addiction to hot pink/ fuchsia color
Wait wait, why were they approaching? what's the plan??
Masya Allah.. They attacked me by kissing me all over my face!!! 
But not my lips, its only for my hubby.. hehehe.. *blushing*

I kissed them one by one, so it was quite fair.. ahahaha
Subhanallah, what a fun day with them.. Once again thanks for the surprise and kisses! Love you all girls.. mmuuahhh.. Oh iya, thanks to Siti Juwariyah for the pictures yaa.. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

25 Years is Quarter of a Century

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Alhamdulillah.. Yesterday.. On January 31st to be exact, I turned 25. Yes, 25.. wow.. quite a lot of number for age, right? or not? Well, I'm so grateful for what I've got now, at 25. Never came across my mind probably 5 years ago that I will be what I am right now at age 25. I'm married to a very handsome wonderful and very nice guy, have a business that insyaAllah improving day by day, a post graduated student, subhanallah.. As far as I remember, 5 years ago.. I thought, 25 was my target age to get married.. But apparently, Allah have other plans.. a better and more beautiful plan.. Alhamdulillah..

Of course, at this age.. I have wishes for myself.. to be a better person, sholehah wife, good daughter and daughter-in-law and the most important is I can be more istiqomah and never stop digging and learning about Islam to enrich my love to Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW. Aamiin..

And on my birthday this year.. I'm so happy because I'm surrounded by people that I love.. My husband, my family and friends.. My husband gave me so many surprises to make me the happiest woman that day. First, he gave me a very special birthday present(s).. A handbag, because he knew that my most favorite handbag have already torn at certain places.. He bought a frozen yogurt birthday cake, yummyy.. aanndd, he surprised me by giving me a ticket for our short trip to Surabaya. Aaaa happyyyy! Superrr sweet.. Since we really want to go to Surabaya..

He and my friends from Bloggers Married also gave me another surprise by coming so sudden while me and hubby had our lunch and a restaurant. WOW! it was epic.. since they came to that resto and sang birthday song so loud with light up cake that they brought.. I got my jaws drop, eyes pop, and freeze for couple minutes.. My eyes a bit wet, but tears didn't drop.. :) Apparently it was planned by them co-operating with my hubby. Sooo happy..

First cake for my love

Me and Katy Perry

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

I know its been a while since Katy Perry's concert in Jakarta. It was in January 19th, 2012 and took place at SICC, Sentul. It was a great great night, amazing performance and stage from her.. and the concert was a complete whole package and totally worth it. I didn't take too many (or even any) pictures while watching the show, because I just want to enjoy the music, the performance and and everything in it. So maybe now I just want to share what I wear that day.

Do we look-a-like? No? Not even close? Are you sure? Okay, fine.. -__-'