Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eyebrow Tips

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

I'd like to share a tips about how to draw your eyebrow, well actually its more about how I draw my eyebrow, anyway.. before that, here's the video that I made earlier.. Enjoy..

Step by step:
  1. Shape your eyebrow line using eyebrow pencil. Make sure the pencil is sharp enough, unless the line won't be neat. 
  2. After shape the line, fill the shape with the pencil until its full. Don't over the line okay, just imagine as if it is a coloring class back when your in school.. hehe..
  3. After your eyebrow is well-shaped and colored, to make them more realistic and natural.. Wipe the tip of your inner eyebrow by using finger until its slowly faded and still natural. Remember, apply on both eyebrow and make them even to one another. 
  4. Me personally, love black and bold eyebrow.. Therefore, I usually apply black eyeliner (LYRA) thinly to darken my eyebrow. 
  5. Finish! yeayyy.. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Wedding

Picture taken from Nadya's facebook page
Nadya & Lucky, 8 January 2012 at Menara 165, Jakarta
Congrats you two.. It was a very beautiful wedding.. Have a happy long lasting and blessed family.. and the most important to say now is.. WELCOME TO THE CLUB! officially.. 

And for the wedding, Nadya gave us uniform (fabrics) for us to sew and design as we want.. So, here you go.. who knows it can be reference for dress designs, etc.. 
With Siti

With Fitri

Ola's headpiece is so catchy and unique. Love it!

We dress according to our own personality, see?
My make up that night
Excuse the bad bad quality of the images since it was taken from hubby's phone.. I didn't bring camera (or I never bring camera to be exact). Once again, congratulations to Nadya and Lucky.. enjoy married life.. :)

Karaoke on Kara's Day

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Oh my God, its been a while yaa.. I'm not posting anything in my blog.. hiks.. So sorry.. I guess its not my first time apologizing because of this.. But now, I'd like to share about Kara's birthday.. yes, Kara's bday was in January 16th.. and we had a plan to went out together and karaoke-ing... So we went to Gandaria City and had lunch before we sing (biar kuat!). And so, after had our lunch... we went to karaoke studio which located still in Gandaria City and we had 2 hours singing! yeahhh.. It was fun.. really fun.. hehe.. thanks Kara for the treat.. :) and Happy Birthday!!

After we sing, we just found out that the karaoke studio provides fun accessories that can be borrowed during karaoke-ing.. Better late than never, so we decide to put on those accessories and took pictures after all.. hehehe..


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

STYLE STEAL: Animal Print

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Another post about animal printed.. Or any other printed material.. Well, for those who might be not really dare to wear them, you should try! hehehe.. Wearing printed material is fun though.. especially for me who loves bright colors and mix and match colors..and now patterns! ahahaha.. it might be weird or too eye-catchy.. but, well.. its okay to be center of attention sometimes.. :) hihihihi.. And here I provide you different style from my dearest friends who wears animal printed :)

Nadya Agusyana (newly wed! Congrats ya Nad)

Suci Utami
Such! animal prints scarf & inner ninja, Forever 21 dalmatians top,
LN for Hardware skirt, Forever 21 shoes 

Days before Nadya's wedding, she looks so stunning.. Isn't she?

So, are you ready to wear another printed fabrics? Animal prints? it looks great, right? hihihi.. which style that you like most? who wore it best? leave your comments ya.. :)

Thanks to Siti Juwariyah for the lovely photos.. :*

Animal Printed Day

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Another meet up that I did with blogger married friends.. Always feel excited everytime I got the chance to meet them.. Ya, kami sekumpulan ibu-ibu muda (calon ibu) yang bahasan sehari-harinya gak jauh dari urusan rumah tangga.. Alhamdulillah banyak bgt tips yang kita share satu sama lain.. Jadi tiap kali mau ketemuan, bawaannya udah super excited.. Nah, pertemuan kali ini.. lagi-lagi kita lakukan di Pondok Indah Mal..tapi, tapi sekarang kita tentukan dresscode nya, which is ANIMAL PRINT.. woohooo! yeayyy.. Kebetulan aku juga lagi suka printed-printed shawl.. Jadilah kami seperti difoto-foto berikut ini, rame, heboh, warna warni, seruuuu!!

Cibi Cibi
Romiy, Siti, Kara, Fika, Fitri, Suci, Ola

Thank dearest Fitri Aulia and hubby (Mulky Aulia) for the photos


Monday, January 9, 2012

Teman Sebaya

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Its good to know that finally we have someone or some people which have a lot of things in common, to talk to. And those people usually called as friends. Friends, with more common things to us, those whom we share deeper personal things, those whom we asked for opinions so often, may we called as best friends. Me and my friends here, have so many things in common, happiness, sadness, madness, hehehe.. Please kindly meet them.. :)

Front (ri-le): Fitri, Me, Romiy, Kara
Back (ri-le): Nadya, Ola, Fika, Siti


Kami sebaya....... 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rainy January Day

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Ihiyyy! (semangat bener).. Its January.. yeayy.. I always feel excited about January.. January is my month.. hihihi.. And as always, its always raining in January.. It will always be rainy day in this month.. love it! As long as the rain is not pouring too hard which may caused flood everywhere ya.. Rain is barokah.. So, please enjoy your everyday in January.. wish you a full barokah month.. :)

Forever 21 bow sweater, Topshop pants, Forever 21 ankle heels

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Singapore Short Trip

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

First of all, I'd like to wish you "Happy New Year 2012".. Hopefully this year will be much much much better than before.. Aamiin.. Anyway, me and family went to Singapore only for a day.. From Malaysia to Singapore.. We went to Jurong Bird Park and Orchard Rd.. And it was a long walk day.. hehehe.. but fun, as always..

Look at the color palette, its perfectly combined.. Subhanallah.. 

At Jurong Bird Park, I got the chance to see birds that I used to see only from TV
Flamingos and Penguins.. 

My most favorite street vendors snack in Singapore, 1 dollar ice cream.. yumm! 

Such! Printed Scarf and Inner Ninja, Tailor made animal print jumpsuit,
H&M Jedi cardigan, Vans sunglasses, Croc flat shoes

Photographed by: Ginanjar Arya Wibawa (@aginagin)