Thursday, December 20, 2012

My baby turns 3 months old

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah.. Kenza has turned 3 months old now.. Subhanallah.. What a most beautiful gift that Allah send to our family so far.. I'm so grateful for the last three months as a Mom and still looking forward for the next month, next year, next 20 years and so on and so forth..

Watching Kenza's growth day by day.. Month by month is like the most beautiful moment for me.. Since he was still a newborn that makes Amam and Apap stay up late at night, and now Kenza's sleeping habit have already changed just like Amam and Apap or adults did.. Subhanallah, even baby adapts.. He knew how to adapt with his new life.. New habit, etc, etc..

In his 3 months, Kenza has already can:
1. Sucking his hands
2. Responding to someone's expression
3. Smiling when see someone's smile at him
4. Baby's talk
5. Sit on Amam's lap
6. Sit on his carseat
7. Swim!
8. Aware with objects in front of him
9. Scream when he's excited
10. Aanndd many more.. Hehehe

Thanks to Allah who always taking care of my son, give him healthy, surround him with angels, and send Kenza to our family.. Kenza is trully mood booster for everyone in our family now..

Keep him always be happy and healthy ya Allah.. Aamiin..


  1. the most handsome babyboy in the world hihihi

  2. Subhanallah.... cakep pisaaan den Kenza... Gemessh deh.
    Smoga selalu diberi kesehatan buat kenza dan amam apap nya yaa :))

  3. cakeep, mirip amam nya. itu mata baguss kyk pake kontak lens

  4. ih lucu banget mukanya pas lagi renang..