Thursday, November 15, 2012

TIPS: Menggambar Alis

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

I received many questions about my eyebrow.. If I may break down the question list, probably like this:
1. Do they tattoed? NO
2. Alisnya di sulam? NO
3. Alisnya dicukur? NO
4. Cara bikin alisnya gimana? How to make your eyebrow to be like that?

Well, I'll share it to you..
1. Your natural default eyebrow ready to be made over and be drew
2. First thing you should do is, start draw a frame or shape of eyebrow that you want.. This step is the most essential and need full concentration.. Since left and right eyebrow should be even and precisely draw. All you need is relax hand and sharp eyebrow pencil.
3. After shaping/ framing is done, you may start coloring it.
4. Still looking harsh and stiff right? Shades the inner tip of your eyebrow using the cap of the pencil or you can use your finger instead. By shades them, your eyebrow will looks more natural..
5. Tadaaa! And its done.. You can see a huge different between picture 1 and 5, can't youu?

NB: you may use any brand of cosmetics and color as you like.

Hope you like it, and have a great trial :)


  1. Keren,,inspirasi tiap wanita,klo pakai alis tebel ga perlu takut,yg penting sesuai,,good job kak

  2. waaah.. bagus, bisa dicontek tuh..
    BTW pensil alisnya pake viva ya itu..? :)

  3. Wah, langsung nyobain deh :).. makasih ya Suchi tipsnya :*

  4. very happy to stay and read here, i like your article. :)