Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Letters to You


Dear Son,

Its been like 38 weeks since you're here in Mam's belly for the first time.. Mam and Pap firstly acknowledge you with the size as a bean curd, almost a dot.. But you should know how happy Mam and Pap to hear the doctor said that, "You have fetus on your womb that will grow and become a baby.." You were the most beautiful bean curd-alike that time..

Carrying you for 9 months in Mam's belly is like a miracle and the most precious moment in Mam's life. Your first kick, to see you on USG screen, subhanallah.. Mam always try my best to keep you safe and sound. Maybe now, Mam's belly still the safest place for you to live.. Mam gives you supply of air and food.. And the warmth inside, probably the best temperature for your body.

Son, you know what? InsyaAllah tomorrow we will meet for the first time (gosh Mam is teary right now). Yes Son, are you ready to see Mam and Pap? You will meet 2 persons that has been always the closest to you for the last 9 months. Yes, we can hug! We can kiss.. Allahuakbar.. Mam and Pap already prepare everything to welcome you.. Out here, can be hot..can be cold.. Can be noisy, can be so quiet.. It might not as safe as Mam's belly.. But we promise you Son, we will always take care of you and keep you safe.. With the guidance from Allah SWT. Aamiin allahuma aamiin..

Dear Papap (my Husband),

Pap, makasih ya udah jadi suami SIAGA (Siap Antar Jaga) selama Mamam hamil. You have shown me what true love is, something that never been describe in any love story..

Your love is the sudden-late-nite-wake up due to my scream over a bad leg cramp..
Your love is your willingness to rub my back everytime I feel pain..
Your love is your patience during my insomnia and "rewelness"..
Your love is your spirit in encouraging me to eat healthy..
Your love is when you come home and bring me fruits, milk and vegetables..
Your love is every kiss and hug everytime I feel unattractive..
I love you Papap.. So much..

Our Son will come soon.. more or less in 12 hours.. InsyaAllah.. Our family will become bigger! Subhanallah.. Mudah-mudahan Allah memberikan kelancaran dan keselamatan untuk kita ya.. Aamiin allahuma aamiin..


  1. Semoga Mama dan bayinya selamat dan sehat...amien, semangat Mbak Suchi :)

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  3. Dear Suchi..so excited to hear that tomorrow you'll become a mother..so ‎​‎​‎​‎​happy for you sist..time flies so fast ya..smoga besok smuanya lancar2 ya,ga ada halangan apapun..Maaf banget,I can't be there for you..just like you did..hikss..tapi aku slalu berdo'a utk kelancaran&kesehatan suchi&baby nya..Bismillah ya sayang *kissnhug* -Thyka&Arkan-

  4. Dear Lovely Suci...

    I love this piece so much. and the poems...its beautiful and more beautiful cos it comes from ur heart..

    love U, U are a strong,dedicated mom and wife. Allah always be with U


  5. Amin ya Allah.. Semoga kak suci dan keluarganya menjadi kluarga yang sakinah mawadah warohmah. Adek kecilnya jangan lupa di foto ya kak :D
    moga lancar persalinannya. Amin


  6. Ka suci semoga sehat yaa babynya....hmmm pasti lucu deh :D gEMESSSSS

  7. ka sucii aku terharuu baca postingan ini :')
    ka sucii smoga smuanya lancaar yaa... mom and baby sehat, aamin allahuma aamin...
    proud of u ka suci.. mama hebat, istri yang hebat pulaa :* hugs for ka sucii :*

  8. Terharu banget baca letters for your son.. i think he will be the luckiest baby to have u and pap as his parents..

    Semoga Allah SWT memberikan keselamatan buat ibu dan bayinya.


  9. Semoga lancar proses lahirannya ya Suci. Ibu & bayi sehat. Dan cpt pulih pasca operasi.

    Jgn lupa IMD & asi eksklusif :-)
    ASI is the best.

    Welcome to parenthood. The first 40 days is the hardest :-) Good luck...

  10. Semoga selamat buat kamu dan bayi. Semoga segalanya dipermudahkan oleh yang Maha kuasa Allah SWT.

    Best wishes

  11. Semoga lahirannya lancar yah suci, ibu dan baby nya sehat&selamat :D waaahh...gk berasa yah tinggal nunggu waktunya bakal jd mamam&papap, congrats yaaahhh :) *peluuuuukkk*

  12. wow ur little boy has the same birthday as me d 1st time knowing sme1 has the same bday as me hihi

  13. Semangat dan selamat yaaaah.. Semoga jadi anak sholeh,sehat,pintar dan jd kebanggaan keluarga. Terharu bacanyaaa.. :')

  14. selamat ya kak suci, dedeknya udah lahiran kan ya?

    lucuuu looh :D
    salam buat kenza :D


  15. happy for you! semoga sehat bayi dan bundanya :)

    am a newlywed. kindly visit my blog at gia-adinugroho.blogspot.com

  16. teteh suciiii,, congratz for baby born nya,,smoga kenza menjadi anak yg soleh dan jadi anak yg bisa di banggikan mamam n papap nya :)

  17. Mashallah, that is such a beautiful letter to your family. May Allah (swt) ease your pain and protect you and your new family...Inshallah


  18. Selamat ya mbak suci :D
    Semoga bayinya jadi anak yang sholeh/sholehah.
    Yang bisa banggain orang tuanya.

  19. Congratulation for your baby born, Kak Such! May God aalways blesses him and ur family. Love ya!


  20. baby yang lucu semoga sehat selalu