Monday, July 30, 2012

MISLA Playdate

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

Alhamdulillah MISLA Playdate event on July, 22nd was done so well and really fun. Another chance to meet new people, new friends.. Moreover, I can be with my friend Ola that day.. Can you imagine, she's just having her baby delivered probably 2 months ago.. and now she's already busy arranging this event.. She's also one of the Productive Housewife team... hehe.. Anyway, since this event was quite private and intimate.. so we were gathered in not so big space with lovely decoration.. The event started by make up class by Wardah cosmetics.. 

Make up palette provided by Wardah
See? sweet decoration
The participants posed with the goodiebagssss
And I was about to start the hijab class (30 weeks pregnancy)

Mrs. Ola held the mic for me during the hijab class

Took pic with all the participants, wearing CCP from Such!
And yeahh, with the owner of MISLA boutique
Overall, it was a great event and I really love to be there.. Thanks Ola for having me and thank you for these pictures.. and you can visit MISLA Musliman Boutique at Jl. Kemandoran I no. 14B Grogol Utara, Jakarta Selatan  (021-5366 1584) and follow their tweets @MISLAWebstore


  1. Aahh kelewatan acaranya bumil cantik. Sayang kmrn ga bisa ikut, huhuhu. Tgl 12'agustus ada acara jg kan ya mbaa?Di penvil yaah..kudu dateng...

  2. Thank you so mucho for helping me bumiiil cantiik! :*

    jangan kapok yaaa.. hihihii