Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

It's been a hectic weekend for us (me, my hubby and my team). After having Hijab Fest '12 at Bandung 12-15 June, and then we had another event to attend on June 17th, which is Grand Launching of HC Depok (Hijab Community Depok) at FISIP UI, Depok. I will post the story later okay. Anyway, here are candid picture that taken by my brother while I was taking care of booth. 

Hoodie Batwing Top by Such! (upcoming!), Inner Ninja by Such! (dusty purple),
headpiece by Forever 21. 


  1. Mba Such always stuning in every condition ya.. so no matter lah ya walaupun candid tetep keliatan beautifull

  2. candid aja cantik gini hehehehehe

  3. love your headpiece ,
    bumil ini ttep cntik and eksis yya

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