Thursday, May 24, 2012

Colorful Pashmina

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

I had a fun day yesterday.. Had a photoshoot with my hubby while also playing with Such! Cotton Cloth Pashmina and inner ninja.. Very colorful! yeayyy.. 

CCP Pink and Inner Ninja Soft Pink

CCP Turquoise and Inner Ninja Mint Green

CCP Bright Purple and Inner Ninja Lavender

NEW COLOR!!! CCP Burgundy and Inner Ninja Mint Green

To see the complete collection you may visit  and place your order there.. Have a colorful day beautiful! :)


  1. hai kak!!!!! long time no see your blog, kak tutorial lagi dong >< thanks before:)

  2. wahhh aku baru punya empat warna nii cotton cloth pashminanya kak suchi, abu, brown tosca sama shocking pink. liat colourfull gini jadi pengen koleksi semua ^o^
    you're sooooo beautifull and smart
    salam kenal yaa..seneng bisa follow blognya..
    minta ijin copy link pict colourfull cotton cloth pashmina nya ya kak..makasih..

  3. The pink pashmina looks awesome on you - I love pashminas!