Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thousand Kisses from Bestfriends

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Continuing the previous post about my birthday surprise from my blogger bestfriend, after blowing candles and chit chat for a while, we decide to move to other activities which was taking picture (as always). And we found this catchy background for it. So we took so many pictures there and was being center of attention from the mall visitors.. First, individual shots.. well, couple actually.. :D

Me and Fitri Aulia

Nalia Rifika and Fatimah Romiy

Siti Juwariyah and Kara Faz
Continue to group shots..

Do you notice that all of us wearing hot pink lipstick? 
The hot pink lipstick actually like a tribute to me,
my addiction to hot pink/ fuchsia color
Wait wait, why were they approaching? what's the plan??
Masya Allah.. They attacked me by kissing me all over my face!!! 
But not my lips, its only for my hubby.. hehehe.. *blushing*

I kissed them one by one, so it was quite fair.. ahahaha
Subhanallah, what a fun day with them.. Once again thanks for the surprise and kisses! Love you all girls.. mmuuahhh.. Oh iya, thanks to Siti Juwariyah for the pictures yaa.. 


  1. ya sooo ramee sangat lah mestinya...wahhh semua boleh dpat kiss...happynya btw semua cantik

  2. dpt surprise dr sahabat eang sangat bahagia y kak,apalg nuansanya pink,,sangat suchi sekali,,

  3. happy brday ya teteh . keep istiqomah :)

  4. Happy birtday kak suci, Allah bless you, stay beauty<3

  5. Hey!
    You have a very nice blog. :)

    What do you think about follow each other? :)

    Peace, twofaaces

  6. Hai,Suchii ! Bajunya & shawl kamu bagus banget ! Aku suka sih :)

  7. all of you so cute and super stylo.. MashaAllah.. :)