Wednesday, February 1, 2012

25 Years is Quarter of a Century

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Alhamdulillah.. Yesterday.. On January 31st to be exact, I turned 25. Yes, 25.. wow.. quite a lot of number for age, right? or not? Well, I'm so grateful for what I've got now, at 25. Never came across my mind probably 5 years ago that I will be what I am right now at age 25. I'm married to a very handsome wonderful and very nice guy, have a business that insyaAllah improving day by day, a post graduated student, subhanallah.. As far as I remember, 5 years ago.. I thought, 25 was my target age to get married.. But apparently, Allah have other plans.. a better and more beautiful plan.. Alhamdulillah..

Of course, at this age.. I have wishes for myself.. to be a better person, sholehah wife, good daughter and daughter-in-law and the most important is I can be more istiqomah and never stop digging and learning about Islam to enrich my love to Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW. Aamiin..

And on my birthday this year.. I'm so happy because I'm surrounded by people that I love.. My husband, my family and friends.. My husband gave me so many surprises to make me the happiest woman that day. First, he gave me a very special birthday present(s).. A handbag, because he knew that my most favorite handbag have already torn at certain places.. He bought a frozen yogurt birthday cake, yummyy.. aanndd, he surprised me by giving me a ticket for our short trip to Surabaya. Aaaa happyyyy! Superrr sweet.. Since we really want to go to Surabaya..

He and my friends from Bloggers Married also gave me another surprise by coming so sudden while me and hubby had our lunch and a restaurant. WOW! it was epic.. since they came to that resto and sang birthday song so loud with light up cake that they brought.. I got my jaws drop, eyes pop, and freeze for couple minutes.. My eyes a bit wet, but tears didn't drop.. :) Apparently it was planned by them co-operating with my hubby. Sooo happy..

First cake for my love


  1. Alhamdulillah.. What a beautiful moment. Happy birthday Kak Suciii, hope the best for you and keep inspired yaa... :)))

  2. Kak suciii! Happy Birthday kak, all the best for you. Allah bless you, Amin:)

  3. ka sucii happy birthday yaaa, semoga selalu berbahagia :') -puthe

  4. Happy birthday, darling...
    Best wishes for you and hubby
    Love you :*

  5. happy birthday kak suciii...

    btw, we have same birth date kak ^^
    make me feel closer with you ,hehe

    keep inspired yaa
    barakallah, amin :)

  6. happy bday k suci..
    semoga Allah mengabulkan semua keinginan k suci.. aamiin

    wish all the best for you :)

  7. Happy birthday, Suchi ... ah, you're so young :)

  8. happy bday dear.... :))
    Barakallah ya ukhti..

  9. Thank youuu all for the wishes.. :*

  10. happpy birthday ka suci :) semoga Allah mengabulkan semua harapan kakak:)

  11. barakallah mba .. alhamdulillah ya sdh dititipi allah amanah :) semoga sehat terus, dilancarkan dan dimudahkan ya mba sampe lahiran ibu dan bayi .. aamiin

    echa-surabaya @iboe2anak :)