Friday, January 20, 2012

The Wedding

Picture taken from Nadya's facebook page
Nadya & Lucky, 8 January 2012 at Menara 165, Jakarta
Congrats you two.. It was a very beautiful wedding.. Have a happy long lasting and blessed family.. and the most important to say now is.. WELCOME TO THE CLUB! officially.. 

And for the wedding, Nadya gave us uniform (fabrics) for us to sew and design as we want.. So, here you go.. who knows it can be reference for dress designs, etc.. 
With Siti

With Fitri

Ola's headpiece is so catchy and unique. Love it!

We dress according to our own personality, see?
My make up that night
Excuse the bad bad quality of the images since it was taken from hubby's phone.. I didn't bring camera (or I never bring camera to be exact). Once again, congratulations to Nadya and Lucky.. enjoy married life.. :)


  1. yes, baju mencerminkan kpribadian,,make up ma baju kak suci lucu,,slalu suka ma stylenya..

  2. wedding yg cantik bersama dress yg cantik:)

  3. make up nya kak suci TOP bgd cutting bagian lengan gaun kurang bagus kak..just comment because sedikit banyaknya saya belajar tentang itu :)
    love your make up

  4. Thanks for your comments beautiful.. :) really appreciate them..

    @Dayana: Thanks for the input sayang.. iya ini bajunya emang dibuatnya agak ngebut, aku jg cuma koordinasi dari jauh (KL).. hehehe.. makasih yaaa..

  5. luv ur make up.
    actually I never get bored watch ur make up tutorial again n again n again..