Friday, January 20, 2012

Karaoke on Kara's Day

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Oh my God, its been a while yaa.. I'm not posting anything in my blog.. hiks.. So sorry.. I guess its not my first time apologizing because of this.. But now, I'd like to share about Kara's birthday.. yes, Kara's bday was in January 16th.. and we had a plan to went out together and karaoke-ing... So we went to Gandaria City and had lunch before we sing (biar kuat!). And so, after had our lunch... we went to karaoke studio which located still in Gandaria City and we had 2 hours singing! yeahhh.. It was fun.. really fun.. hehe.. thanks Kara for the treat.. :) and Happy Birthday!!

After we sing, we just found out that the karaoke studio provides fun accessories that can be borrowed during karaoke-ing.. Better late than never, so we decide to put on those accessories and took pictures after all.. hehehe..



  1. wow..that accessories are beautiful..

  2. colourful outfit matching smua,, kak kara itu aksesorisnya ad di tmpat karaokenya??

  3. Telat dateeennnggg...
    Ga ada fotoku deh T_T