Monday, February 28, 2011

Up Close and Personal

Asslamualaikum beautiful, 

Firstly, I am overwhelmed by all of your support, love and caring to me. For you, who are really kind to read my  blog postings.. You, who are really nice to add me on Facebook or follow my Twitter..You, who are just sooo kind to me.. Thank you, thank you, thank you.. And by that, I'd like to introduce myself even closer. This post will be like written about our personal bio in our friend's diary book when we were in elementary school. hehehe..

Name: Suci Utami
D.O.B: 31 January 1987
Married to: Budy Kurnia Djuanda
Nationality: Indonesian (Sundanese, and I'm really proud of that. Ahahaha)
Occupation: A wife, an entrepreneur, and a freelancer in Online media consultant. Oops, I almost forgot! I also a Master's degree student in Jakarta (on going my thesis, wish me luck!)

Currently I'm living in Selangor, Malaysia due to accompany my husband whose taking his Master's degree here. However, I'm still working, studying, and entrepreneur(ing) from where I live now. How come? Well, let's say that I'm so lucky! Alhamdulillah.......

I'm so thankful and grateful with my life now, even though few friends a little bit underestimated about what I do now, but.. again, let's say that I don't care. Allah always know which best to us, as long as we always pray and ask for His guidance all the time. Started with Bismillah, and ended with Subhanallah along with Alhamdulillahi robbil 'alamin. Be faithful to Allah SWT, faithful in what we do, what we believe in and what our parents said. No matter what, no matter how old are you now, our parent might not always know what's best for us, but I'm absolutely sure and believe that everything that we do, will be successful along with our parent's blessings, and of course husband's blessings is also important (if you married).

Well girls, that's all from me.. Once again thank you! Nice to know you all and lets be friend.. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cross-Stacks Inner Scarf

Assalamualaikum beautiful, 
Bored with plain-mono tone inner scarf? That what happened to me. I'm getting bored with my inner scarf which mostly mono tone color. Its not even mono tone, but mono color! So I had the idea to wear two different color inners and stack them, then cross them! Viola! I get this style. Its quite cute and easy, and really fun to mix and match with! Try to combine neutral color with bright color which match your other accessories. In my case, I match the touch of pink inner with my gladiator shoes. Well, have a nice try y'all! Its fun fun fun! and I can't wait to combine more colors. Cheers! Wslm..

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bleached Shirt

Bleached shirt from El'Belle Shop, Choco Caramel skirt from Such!
Rubi shoes

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meatball and Chicken with Herb

Girls, me and my husband had a late lunch at IKEA. I really want its Swedish Meatball, which is sooo super duper yummy! Actually, It was took a quite journey from where i live to IKEA. And my husband usually didn't approve us to go too far because of.. hmmm.. lazy? ahahaha.. But since I insist that I really want to eat that special meatball, finally he approved! yeayyy.. And now, I'd like to share the yummiest meatball evahhh..

 Harem pants by Ria Miranda

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cotton Cloth Pashmina

Playing around with Cotton Cloth Pashmina. Please leave comments if you wish for tutorial video of these hijab style. 

When Our Tweet is Too Long, We'll Have to be More Clever

Have you tried tweeting from the web with over character? What will happen? I don't know whether this is new or just me who just realize this. But I tried to tweet longer than the character limit - which is 140 char - and this is what happen.

It says, "Your tweet was over 140 characters. You'll have to be more clever"
Ahahahaha.. cool.. sounds sarcastic for those who use particular twitter's application which featured and allowed to tweet more than 140 characters. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Most Favorite People, My Family

Hi all.. I haven't got the chance to introduce you to my family, right? So here you go.. Meet my family.. 

Meet my wonderful parent, My Mom (Moder) and my Father (Pa'ji)

I love my Moder soooo much.

My handsome husband and my beautiful Moder

My younger sister, Enon

My younger brother, Agin

Full team!

I'm the eldest of three, I'm spoiled but independent, I'm not smart but clever! hihihi And I had a perfect day with my family today. Had seafood for lunch and steak for dinner. Not forget to mention that I have a lot of snacks whole day! woohoo.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Newest Collection Preview

Hi girls! Just had a photo shoot for Such! debut collection. Me myself is in love with those clothes, hihihi. Here are the preview from the photo shoot.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hi girls! I am sooo excited about my latest project. I made a clothing line named Such! and i'm so happy to have it launched today. Actually this project is based on my passion for fashion and designed things! hihihi.. Hopefully you'll support my business. Just visit our blog here and you'll find your style there. Thank you girls. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Love This Inner Scarf!

Hola! Hi girls, miss you all so much.. haven't got the chance to update my blog much frequent recently. Well anyway, I have something to share to you... I just acknowledge this inner scarf, and wow! I love it so much.. it is very easy and practical to use and of course comfortable. Besides, it makes me easier to play around with hijab style especially using long scarf that I usually used.. well, I'm so happy to have this inner scarf.. 

email me for details