Friday, December 16, 2011

Enjoy Our Moment

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Recently, I learned to be more sincere, whole-hearted and more open minded about my life. Yes I've been married for 1 year now, and yes.. I still haven't pregnant, yet. And yes, I'm chubbier.. not because I'm preggie but yeaahhh, just say that I'm happy (I guess that's the most entertaining excuse for me, ahaha). But no, seriously I'm happy, very happy with my life now. I've reached (or at least about to) many things that I dreamed on.. I have wonderful husband, beautiful family, little business that hopefully someday will be big and successful (aamiin), I succeed finishing my study, surrounded by so many friends.. Alhamdulillah.. Allah gave me more than I ever expected.. But why He haven't trusted me a baby? This thought used to bother me so many times, even almost everytime.. Seeing my other friends who married later than me and have pregnant earlier than me used to make me wonder, why why why not me? When is my time?

Well, all those questions better be kept to myself and be stop! I realize that, instead of complaining, stressing out, wondering, etc, etc.. Its better for me to be more sincere (Ikhlas), patient (sabar) and relax (tenang)..and believe that the time will come, Allah knows best! 100% even %! I'm sure.. Keep husnudzon to Allah SWT, ikhtiar, ikhlas, patient and enjoy! Allah know when is the best time for me and hubby for having babiessss.. :) Whenever it is, insyaAllah we're ready..

While waiting for that "rizqi" to come, me and hubby enjoying our moment together.. We spend most of our time together, do a lot of fun things together, and recently we went Ice skating together.. ahahaha.. It was my second time skating on the ice after probably 10 years ago! I thought skating would be easy, as easy as roller blade.. but apparently its NOT! Oh my God, I fell down so many times.. I got my pants all wet, got my knees bruised, blahh.. but it was fun, though.. really fun.. But I don't think I'm gonna do that again.. hehehehe..

TIPS: Don't wear bright color pants while ice skating. Because when you fell down, your wet pants will be obviously showed! Unless, don't fell.. hehehe

And I also found this interesting marketing strategy done my Acer.. They place a girl (real girl) in a glass tube.. And that girl just stand there like a statue.. Creepy but interesting.. Should Such! do the same thing for marketing strategy? ahahaha.. Not applicable, I guess..

I wonder what if this girl have "natural calls".. or if she has her face itch and she can't scratch?


  1. Hey, neng geulis... Insya Allah ada jalannya. Yang penting selalu berusaha dan berdoa :) Sama kayak aku juga yg kadang ups and down masalah 'itu'. Tapi aku tetep percaya dan yang seperti km bilang, husnudzan sm Allah. Sukses buat kamu dan suami *hugs*

  2. Assalamu`alaikum suci.. salam kenal.. :)
    whoaa.. sempet mewek nih aku baca postingan ini.. sama jg,aku udah 1th 20hari blm dikasih.. kadang jg sedih dan iri bgt sama temen yg nikahnya barengan atau malah setelah aku udah pada punya baby lucu.. hikz.. yup,tapi balik lagi lihat apa yg telah Allah kasih selain baby selama 1th pernikahan ini.. banyak bgt.. :) *eh,malah curhat.. :p
    oh ya,suci pernah mampir ke web ? coba belajar tentang gentle birth ci.. aku jg sambil belajar dan cari2 info nih.. coba baca jg yg ini
    jadi,sembari menunggu,banyak2 nambah pengetahuan.. :D
    Saling mendoakan ya suci..

  3. Hai there, this is my first time here and i enjoy reading your blog very much...yeahh...who says housewife couldn't be trendy n up to date n knowledgable....u prove it all wrong. good job dear! bout the pregnancy...don't what u said..your time will come. me and my hubby waited for two years plus for me to get pregnant. anyway, tawakkal n usaha. let Allah do the rest:)

  4. Salam kenal, Suci.. Yang sabar ya ukhti.. Semua akan indah pada waktunya :)

  5. Dear Suci,

    Seneng deh ngikutin blog kamu, jadi bersemangat untuk bikin usaha kecil-kecilan dulu dan berharap jd sukses (aamiiin).

    Jangan sedih ya...
    Insya allah diberi yang terbaik...
    O ya coba baca novel nya Ninit judulnya TEST PACK...

    Buat hiburan.

    Semangat ya

  6. Same here, dear suci!
    Tetap semangat :)

  7. semua akan indah pada waktunya, aamiin :)

  8. insyallah, ur time will come.;D usaha n tawakal.;D

  9. insyallah, ur time will come.;D usaha n tawakal.;D

  10. Assalamu alaikum kak,,
    bacanya pngn nangis..
    kak, jgn ngeluh, anak itu adalah titipan Tuhan,jd akan ada waktunya,,kalau skr blm dipercaya,Tuhan punya rencana indah&waktu yg tepat untuk mempercayakan itu sama kakak..

  11. aS SALEM a3leyki
    I'm french reader hijabbi girl and I read your post. I just want to react saying Maasha'Allah, you resumed all what I thought.You just have to be patient (Saber) incha'Allah and never Allah SubhanU Tarala lets his servants alone,never, because He knows what we dont know.
    In Sourate El baquara it's written : " that might be aversion for one thing, but this thing is good for us" --Sourate Baquara Verset 216--.
    Incha'Allah be patient and make Doura, so Allah will take you a wonderfull baby: a last minutegirl2 ^^ Incha'Allah.
    This summer I was too in Omra(in August like you ^^) and I met many many many Indonesien girls and I found them very nice, it was the first time I saw The indonesien muslim community MaashaAllah. Good luck Sister in Allah . God bless U.
    P.S.Sorry for the mistakes ^^ I don't speak very very weel in english ^^

  12. ikhtiar, sabar, ikhlas, dan tawakal adalah kuncinya. mb suchi tdk sendirian.. banyak muslimah yg menanti mendapatkan rejeki anak, salahsatunya adalah saya sendiri, hampir 5 tahun pernikahan. semoga mb suchi tdk lama lagi mendapat amanah tsb.. amiin.

    kl saya lbh banyak saya isi kegiatan kajian supaya lbh nyaman dan dekat dgn Alloh :)