Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Colorful December

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

As we all know, its December.. and it almost end in 2 more weeks, more or less.. Me, personally.. This December is a very colorful month for me.. So many feelings that I felt through out this month.. Proud, happy, disappointed, healthy, sick, up and down and many more.. Well maybe it happens oftenly in other months, but not for me.. this month is soo special.. I had my graduation ceremony, my hubby also graduated from his post grad program here in Malaysia, me and hubby should pack our goods to leave Malaysia for good and get back to Indonesia (sad), our family will have holiday here in Malaysia before we move back to Indonesia (happy), me and hubby went to Penang which makes our bond even stronger.. Well, December.. you're so special.. You make me stare at you (calendar) so many times, either being excited or nervous.. hihihi.. Pffttt..

And anyway, my clothing line Such! is participating in a bazaar event called "Green Bazaar" at EX Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. The bazaar is held from 18th - 31st December 2011, 10 am - 10 pm.. Another special occasion in December.. A little bit sad that I can't be there most of the times, but insyaAllah I will be there on the last day of the bazaar.. which is on Dec, 31st.. Please visit if you have time.. :)

I always ask my hubby's opinion towards every promotion tools' designs that I made.. And he always give me such an out of box suggestion but it turns out to be better and great.. This poster used to be colored gray for the background...

Hubby: "Hmm.. Change the background into brown.."
Me: "Hehh? Brown?? Will it be good?"
Hubby: "Just try.."
Me: (found the perfect yellowish brown) "PERFECT!"


  1. hello suci. aku rinn dr malaysia. aku suka banget loh kamu punya inner neck ninja itu. apa kamu masih akan pulang ke malaysia. aku cari disini tp nggak ada loh.

  2. Hi Rinn.. Belinya di ajaa.. We shipped overseas kok.. :)