Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hang Out

Assalamualaikum beautiful,

Another blogger meeting..? Nope actually, its just a girl hang out... but apparently we're all blogger and we know each other through blog... Actually it was the continuation from our previous hang out.. And now, the hang out thing is even more fun! hehehe.. I started to be open up and not too shy like prior meet.. Unfortunately only me, Kara, Fika and Romiy that can make it to meet. The other has another plan to do that day.. huhu.. Well, recap from our meeting was.. uhmmm.. laughs, took picture, sharing and came up with an idea to do a project.. Thanks to Fika who have brought camera and took pictures and share it to us.. :)

Romiy, Suci, Kara, Fika
Actually there's our name written in our crown

Such! CCP and inner ninja, DP's top,
Promod pants, Bata shoes, Cotton On bag

All pictures taken from Fika's blog and send by her via email.. Very nice of her, thank youuu..