Friday, November 4, 2011

We're Blogger, and We're Married!

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

yesterday, I got the chance to meet famous muslimah blogger whose also my friends in blogging world. It was my first time meet all of them but Siti. I met Kara, Ola, Fitri, Fika, Siti and Romiy (her blog is coming soon). I really enjoy our meeting yesterday, even though we haven't met each other closely before, but we bond quite quick, hehehe.. Our bonding mostly caused by our conversation about marriage life, well newly weds life! All things fun to share, full of knowledge, lalalala.. FYI, we're all married but one, Siti hasn't married yet, but I hope soon yaa.. ;) I'd like to share pictures from our meeting yesterday.. As always, we took so many pictures, moreover Siti is a very very very good photographer and her camera turns us to be great looking.. hehehe.. we also do the photobooth thingy.. It was fun, for sure..

and since it was my first time meeting all of them but Siti, I really want to share my testimony about each of them..

With Fika
Actually it wasn't first time I met Fika, we've met in HC launching event. But we didn't talk that much, just say hi and chit chat a bit. And yesterday, I got the chance to know more about her. Aaaa I adore her, she's so humble.. smiling a lot.. she's the ice breaker in every awkward moment.. hehehe.. She's so nice, mature, and of course.. Beautiful.. even more beautiful in person.

With Siti
Meeting Siti yesterday was not my first time. But I will also give testimony about Siti anyway. Siti always looks stunning in every picture, right? But in the real life.. she's such an innocent girl that spoke sooo quietly, not much facial expression, kalo kata Kara "planga plongo" heuhehehe *piss Sitii.. But I always like her, her style, her personality, her SKILL of photography and making artworks. Aaahh, Siti is creativity booster. And hopefully she'll be married soon, to make it more official.

With Fitri
 Woohoo.. This is the most unexpected one. Fitrii.. I know her from her blog, and then we exchange Blackberry pin, follow each other's twitter and we're getting close through those media. All I know, so far she's soo wise, calm, "keibuan", serius, lalalala.. But when I met her, wohoo.. she's very outspoken and gokil! you know gokil? Gokil issss.. ya gokil lah.. asikk.. heuhehehe.. Beyond expectation.. Seruu deh ngobrol-ngobrol ama Fitri.. obrolannya juga yang diluar nalar.. ahahaha.. she's incredibly nice, and such a figure of good wife. I can tell.

with Romiy
Romiy, came later than all of us. But some sayin that better late than never, right? She hasn't created a blog yet, but soon. We kept encouraging her to create a blog, again to make it more official.. hehehe.. Romiy is so funny, sweet and also humble. Although I only met her quickly, but I can say that she's very nice. Besok-besok datengnya duluan ya romiiyyy..

With Ola
Naahh, Ola is one of the reason why we held this meeting. Ola is the only one who have pregnant from all of us, alhamdulillah.. Barakallah.. Subhanallah.. Rest of us who have been married and not yet pregnant really want to hear Ola's experience and "petuah" serta "wejangan" about the Dos and Don'ts.. Ola very sweet, a bit quite.. well because her pregnancy still early and like most of preggie women, she was a little bit sick. So happy for her pregnancy, hopefully everything goes well and may Allah always give her and her baby health. Aamiin.. Pray for her okayy..

with Kara
Naaahhh.. Finally I met Kara! Buat yang follow twitter kita mungkin dah gerah kalo liat twit"an kita yang mau janjian ketemu tapi gak pernaahh jadi. Akhirnyaa, kemarin ketemu juga ama Kara. Heran deh, banyak yang bilang Kara itu jutek, datar, susah senyum.. Aslinya??? EMBEERRRR.. ahahahaha.. Iya, benar Kara rajut (rada jutek), datar, susah senyum.. tapi awal-awal doaaaang.. hehehe.. After mingling, chatting, laughing, lumer juga koq akhirnya kekakuan Kara.. hehehe.. She's pretty, cool abiss, asikk.. and I really looking forward for our next meeting.. :) Nice to know youu..

Overall, I loooooove them.. and we're arranging plan to have meeting every month. hihihi.. excited.. Thanks girls.. :*

All Photos by: Siti Juwariyah


  1. Kalian cantik2 banged kak.. :3
    Suka gaya soft pinknya.. :D

  2. waa so kawaii ^^
    tetep istiqomah ya, inspirasiin smw

  3. wah, pengen jadi bagian dr kalian jadinya.. ^^

  4. the most best moment meet all the beautiful blogger ^_^

  5. Yes. Actually, I'm a gokil person ;)
    Nice to meet you, suci...

  6. hahaha, suchii ... sampe bingung mengekspresikan kata2 tentang mereka akhirnya bahasa nyampur2 :D

    seru seru, aku juga liat review kopdarannya di blognya siti :D
    ternyata siti diem toh orangnya? hehehe

  7. salam Suci! I love u and all your blogger friends! such an inspiration! u girs are pretty! love love!

    airien frm KL

  8. LOVELY.... boleh join ga? tapi aku masih single, hehehe... :)
    so great to see beautiful hijabers like you, gals!

  9. Assalamualaikum Sis Suci.

    Are you currently staying at Lagoon View? Sunway right? I saw one of your picture and it's a view from Lagoon View. I was studying at Sunway University before. I'm planning to go to KL end of this november and look forward to meet you in person. I love your style and your blog, and I hope I'll get the chance to meet you !

    Lots of love, Ieka.

  10. You all look gorgeous! :)