Friday, November 18, 2011

IKEA Perfect Getaway

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Just had a great day recently.. Alhamdulillah my hubby just finished his final exam and he has more time with me. And everytime we had a chance to have our quality time, we always choose IKEA as our getaway. IKEA is a very special place for us, especially for me. There, I can imagine how our future house will be like.. Aamiin.. Even for know, we can only keep that imagination in mind.. but insyaAllah, one day Allah will give us our dream house.. Aamiin..

Best thing about IKEA is, they provide us a store and interior exhibition where we can experience all the exhibition space. Usually, in common furniture exhibition.. the guest do not allow to try the furniture, right? They put a sign such as "Please Kindly Do Not Sit" or anything similar to that. But here, we can sit, try, play with it, and even taking pictures! Using any kind of camera.. hehehe.. I love love love being here.. 

IKEA came with the solution for small space, small house, etc. They brings out so many ideas how to trick small space into a very comfy place to live in. I think it might suitable for newlyweds.

 Those are our wish list.. hehe.. you see that black chair? Wowww it was sooo comfy.. once you sit there, making you so hard to get up! ahahaha.. The dining table is so lovely.. And the kitchen?? Woww, if I have kitchen like that.. I'll sleep in it! ahahaha..

Feels like home to me... :)

We end up having Thai food for lunch and we love it.. oowwhh, what a great day.. what a perfect date with husband.. what a quality time we had.. May Allah always allow us to be like this forever.. Aamiin..


  1. wow, great moment in great place.
    i and my future hubby have the same hobby. unfortunately, theres no IKEA in Palembang :(
    there's only ACE here. and we can't sit, try and play with the furniture there.

    salam kenal mbak suchi :)