Friday, November 18, 2011

Ongoing Project

Assalamualaikum Beautiful, 

I wanna share a little bit about my upcoming project, well its ongoing actually. It supposed to be done by this month. But unfortunately because of a bit obstacles here ans there, we have to postpone for more times. But please don't worry.. It'll be coming soon and please stay with me on this.  

Yes, it is Such! by Suchi webstore, where you can shop easier and be handled faster than now. We realize that maybe our service might haven't been perfect, yet. But we always try our best to provide the best for you. For me, Such! is my dream.. a dream that now becomes reality. I have a big passion in fashion, cloths, marketing, public relations, designing.. and Subhanallah in Such! I can objectify all of that. I also want to dedicate my hard work and passion to all the customer who have trusted and become such a great friend for us.. It means a lot.. Without you, we can't get this far.. Thank you thank you thank youuuu.. Love you all..


  1. Yes!!! I need that store :D
    Will we be able to order online like any other store?

    I am in Portugal and I really wanted to order from Such!...