Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Friends, the TOP 20

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Have you heard about "Such! Model Hunt 2"? its a project of Such!, my online boutique,  to search muslimah model. And finally, I can meet the Top 20 on October 22nd. Yeaayyy.. It was a really really really reaaallyyy fun day. Having a chance to meet them is superb! They are very nice, humble, fun, easy going, ramee.. hehehe.. and until now, we still keep in touch very well. I love them, love love.. new friends.. alhamdulillah.. And here are the pictures from our meeting, the dress code was anything shocking pink, purple and black.

Left-Right: Elok, Zahra. Novie, Me, Natasha, Ajeng, Synta

Left-Right: Pauline, Dika, Dian, Me, Uun, Tika, Ucha

Left-Right: Anna, Tasya, Nola, Me, Eckie, Ludmilla

Our happy face! yeaayyy

And these photos taken from our phone camera:

With Elok
With Nola

With Mba Novie

With Eckie

With Tika and Intan

What I wear: 

Upcoming Such! Collection

 Looking forward for our next meeting.. but not for Model Hunt thingy, just hang out.. :)


  1. Hi kak,,,
    Kak, aku suka banget sama yg dipake Kak novie sama kak tika, itu ada di olshop kakak gak??

  2. wow you's are all so pretty mashallah :)