Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Safari Look

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

I had such a great and beautiful day yesterday.. I went out with my hubby whole day.. It was really nice knowing that I can spent most of my time with him, as in quality time ya.. Because recently he had been busy with his college assignments which makes us can't mingle in a quality manner. So when yesterday he asked me to went out with him, I'm soooo happy.. We went to Putra Jaya and Shah Alam.. what a long day but really fun! Somehow yesterday trip reminding us of our girlfriend-boyfriend time.. hehehe.. Its good to have quality time with your partner, its like charging your relationship to the fullest! Love love love..

And do you remember my post about how I adore gray color? well I guess I'm switching now, now I really adore khaki color.. Everytime I buy new clothes, somehow I always but khaki color.. especially cardigan or jacket.. until I realized, wow..this khaki color is something.. Khaki all over.. hehehehe.. And yesterday this color dominated my look, its like safari girl look yaaa..

Forever 21 long cardigan, Zara basic t-shirt, Topshop pants, Such! Inner Ninja
I-Shoes oxford shoes. 


  1. selalu cantik seperti biasanya d kmu :))

  2. Love this entire look. it looks fantastic on you,so simple and chic :)

    You have amazing style and Seriously you have great blog. I have just stumbled upon your blog and I love what I am seeing

  3. love that cardigan sista, u're so sweet :)